Lindsay Lohan Arrested For Assault, World Continues To Turn, Etc. Etc.

Lindsay Lohan was arrested at 4 am this morning after she got into a scuffle with a female patron, allegedly punching the woman in the face.

According to TMZ, La Lohan was at New York hotspot Avenue in Chelsea when things got heated between her and some “rhymes-with-witch” who can’t respect personal space:

Law enforcement tells us prior to the fight words were exchanged between Lindsay and the woman as they sat in separate booths near each other.  Lindsay said something to the effect of, “Give me my space.”  Some time passed and then, for some reason, Lindsay allegedly punched the girl in the left side of her face.

The occasional actress reportedly sped off in a car following the incident, only for police to intercept her shortly afterwards. Linds was held at the 10th Precinct but was released earlier this morning with a desk appearance ticket, meaning she’ll have to roll out of the gutter and stand/lean before a judge soon.

We’re totally putting the blame on this female patron, by the bye. Everyone knows you don’t approach a fading starlet who’s just been viciously dragged through the mud following a disastrous Lifetime made-for-television movie. Homegirl should count herself lucky Linds wasn’t behind the wheel…