Bad Joke

Liza Minnelli Responds To Ellen’s “Female Impersonator” Oscar Joke

In one of the more odd moments of the Oscars, host and America’s Lesbian Sweetheart Ellen DeGeneres did an endless bit at gay icon Liza Minnelli’s expense.

Minnelli, who was at the Oscars to celebrate the 75th anniversary of her mother’s most famous flick The Wizard Of Oz, was referred to as a “female impersonator” by DeGeneres, and the look of horror never quite left her face as the bit went on and on.

It was a marked difference from the generally safe and positive humor DeGeneres is known for, and even has some people up in arms and demanding an apology for the so-called “transphobic” joke.

However, TMZ got in touch with Liza, who doesn’t seem to be too offended by the joke, though she does admit it went on just a bit too long.