Looking Forward, 2014

Long, Loose and Colorful: Fashion Trends For 2014

This is arguably the most exciting time in men’s fashion in recent memory. Menswear has evolved to become more sophisticated, more daring, more interesting and more diverse than ever, and 2014 promises to continue moving style forward and upward.

Here are 5 trends you can look forward to in men’s fashion this year.



Short story: long is in. During New York Fashion Week, several designers opted for tunics and shirts ripped right out of Dorothy Zbornak’s enviable closet. It makes a great silhouette and when the weather warms up, you won’t even need to bother with pants. Going commando, however, is risky should there be a brisk wind.


With tops being so loose, bottoms follow suit. Ditch the skinny jeans and upgrade to the equivalent of a pant luxury sedan — more leg room, more comfort.

The ’90s


Fashion is cyclical and every 20 years or so, what’s old automatically becomes new again. The ’90s have been having a revival for the past few years and it’s not a trend that’s going away anytime soon. And why would it? Bright colors, voluminous shapes, crazy patterns. It’s more than a sense of millennial nostalgia, the ’90s were a seriously fun time for fashion. And as Cyndi Lauper once kinda said, gays just wanna have fun.



The future is now according to street style stalwart Bill Cunningham, who finds that young men from New York to Paris are snatching the wigs of their female counterparts when it comes to groundbreaking fashion. In his “On the Street” column, Cunningham noted that dudes today are eager to explore “new technologies in fabrics and daring cuts and colors.”

Apocalypse Now


On the darker side of this obsession with the future is a bleak fatalism — climate change, the threat of nuclear war, Snapchat — that a lot of designers are going Beyond Thunderdome with military and desert themes. Givenchy’s Riccardo Tisci sent his models down the runway and into battle.

Gentlemanly Accessories


Just like a lady is never sure at night, a gentleman needs that little something extra to make an outfit complete. And burgeoning fashionisto Zachary Quinto knows a thing or two about accessorizing: “As a guy, that’s a little more of a challenge than if you’re able to wear a big gown. We have to work with fewer resources. It becomes about the details. Cufflinks. Tie bars.”

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  • Fitz

    I’m going to take a pass of the baba ganoush long shirts.

  • Tyler100

    This is convenient because most shirts and coats hang long on me anyway due to my body type.

  • skcord

    “a lady is never sure at night.” Slow clap for the deep PIB reference. Love it!

  • mz.sam

    There is line between fashion and fad. And this 80’s-90’s baggy retro is a quick-flash, big joke for menswear.

  • SteveDenver

    Most of these looks are suitable for flamboyant hairdressers.

  • Vegas Tearoom

    Men’s fashion will suffer in every iteration until that emasculating hip-hop crotch hiding blousiness is replaced with a proper fitting pair of non sagging pants. It’s time to reclaim the VPL for younger guys. They can even hide the VPL in skinny jeans. I am amazed at how young urban men are proud to show off their booty cracks but show a hint of penis and it’s gone.

  • greenwrangler

    Long, loose and colorful: Get mugged because one is so flamboyantly gay. We don’t need skinny jeans or pants, just don’t be wearing clown pants. Wear a tunic styled shirt, cape or coat and get it caught on everything: the subway, your car door, the bannister, and that thug you’re unaware of. Want to wear your boots with the strings untied or the buckles unbuckled? Good exit strategy while running from your assailant! Those platformed, elevator shoes? Really? Run! Run fast! More like run away from them as fast as you can! Gentlemen, stick with Brooks Brothers, Hugo Boss, Tommy and Calvin’s “worth every penny spent” on a bit conservative and manly “build on each piece” wardrobe. Stretch your budget farther on clothes that might be a bit more conservative, will last longer, and make the “successful” or manly man. Buy outrageous looks like the ones pictured if you’ve got a million bucks to blow on party attire and a limousine to get you there.

  • greenwrangler

    @Vegas Tearoom: Good one. I agree.

  • greenwrangler

    @SteveDenver: Agreed, or a flitting queen.

  • greenwrangler

    @mz.sam: True, just like back then.

  • greenwrangler

    @Fitz: too funny!

  • tada-no

    The first style will help CIA agents slip into Taliban town undetected.

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