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Madison Cawthorn reveals new mission in life, crosses to dark side

Madison Cawthorn at 2021 AmericaFest
Madison Cawthorn (Photo: Gage Skidmore, via CC BY-SA 2.0)

As previously reported, North Carolina Rep. Madison Cawthorn, 26, lost his GOP primary race on Tuesday.

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When his defeat became apparent, in a show of magnanimity, Cawthorn congratulated his victorious opponent, State Senator Chuck Edwards, and encouraged Republicans to rally behind him.

It seems that magnanimity did not last long.

Cawthorn, whose one-term career as a representative was marked by controversy and scandal, was back on social media yesterday.

First, he posted a cryptic message stating: “The best is yet to come.”

He followed this with a lengthy message thanking fellow far-right lawmakers and other so-called patriots who had supported him, even “when it was not politically profitable.” An accompanying image of names included Tucker Carlson, Steven Bannon, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Matt Gaetz, President Donald Trump, Rand Paul, Charlie Kirk, and the NRA, among others.

“These are honorable men and women who are the type of friends anyone yearns to have,” Cawthorn claimed.

“There are other National figures who I believe are patriots, but I am on a mission now to expose those who say and promise one thing yet legislate and work towards another, self-profiteering, globalist goal.

“The time for gentile politics as usual has come to an end. It’s time for the rise of the new right, it’s time for Dark MAGA to truly take command,” he continued, invoking the spirit of Darth Vader.

“We have an enemy to defeat, but we will never be able to defeat them until we defeat the cowardly and weak members of our own party. Their days are numbered. We are coming.”

Yes, Cawthorn did say the time for “gentile politics” was over, but it was a typo. He later edited it to say “genteel politics.”

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Recent controversies to dog Cawthorn include his claims of being invited by fellow Republicans to cocaine-fueled orgies in Washington, and a leaked video of him, naked in bed, thrusting his crotch into the face of his cousin.

His latest ramblings elicited a collective eye-roll from most online.