Madonna Couldn’t Care Less About You Ageist Haters

Madonna-Rebel-Heart-2014Madonna met up with Billboard to chat about her new album Rebel Heart which will be out on March 10.

The “Living for Love” singer opened up about all kinds of things, including… her age!


That’s right. Madonna is well aware of all the ageist haters out there who like to criticize her for being 56 and still daring to flash her derrière on the red carpet. And guess what? She doesn’t care what you think about her. Because, bitch, she’s Madonna.

Here are some highlights from the interview…

On using the word “bitch” a lot:

I’m not interested in political correctness. The word “bitch” means a lot of different things. Everything is about context. … If I say to you, “I’m a badass bitch,” I’m owning myself, I’m saying, “I’m strong, I’m tough, and don’t mess with me.” If I say, “Why are you being such a bitch to me?,” well, that means something else.

On singing about sex and religion on her new album:

When have I not explored the politics of sex and religion? I’m just continuing with my studies.

On the Catholic church:

I’ve been ex-communicated by the Catholic Church a few times. But I also feel like this new pope is kind of groovy, and I think we might be able to get together and have a chat about sex.

On Miley Cyrus:

I like her. She seems like she doesn’t care what people think. People are always telling her she’s dirty or crazy or trashy, and she doesn’t care. I love that about her. In her peer group, she stands out.

On Fifty Shades of Grey:

It’s not very sexy. Maybe for someone who has never had sex before. I kept waiting for something exciting and crazy to happen in that red room thing, and I was like, “Hmm, a lot of spanking.” I also thought, “This is so unrealistic because no guy goes down on a girl that much.” I’m sorry, but no one eats pussy as much as the guy in that book.

On paving the way for other female artists and dealing with ageist haters:

It’s an ongoing activity in my life. I’m continuing to open doors for the women behind me. I don’t know many women who have had a successful career in pop music as long as I’ve had. And I waited until I was older to have children. I raised children and wasn’t married. And I continue to express myself–my sexuality–in my 50s, even though that’s also considered taboo. And I get a lot of shit for it. But in 20 years, Miley Cyrus probably won’t get shit for it. Then, it’ll be like, “Oh, yeah, that’s nothing new.”

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