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Madonna just went on TikTok’s favorite live-show and huffed a bottle of poppers

If you don’t know Terri Joe, gen Z’s messiest TikTalk show host, get ready for your first taste of the chaotic energy that fuels her program.

Social media personality Kelon, a.k.a. Psyiconic, has taken TikTok Live feeds everywhere by storm with their satirical Southern belle/good Christian woman persona, “Terri Joe”. Followers can expect her, at any given time, to be trading outlandish barbs with a random guest (especially her gay followers, who she regularly refers to as “homaseggsyuhs”).

Kelon also occasionally hosts as Terri Joe’s cousins, the über-bougie Jeorgia Peach and Salem-based goth girl Amethyst, each bringing their own specific brand of chaos to the broadcasts.

Since blowing up over the past year, their guests have come to include real-name talents like Euphoria star Hunter Schafer, Ziwe host Ziwe Fumudoh, and “Say So” singer Doja Cat. Their most recent collaborator, however, is one no one saw coming.

Madonna herself joined Terri Joe for a second time last night, and it was exactly as off-kilter as one could expect from the pair.

The grand highlight of the show was the singer pulling out a bottle of poppers mid-stream and huffing it like her life depended on it:

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Show of hands, who was kind of gagged?

The singer emphasizes that she “Never did that before!”, but after 40 years of queer enlistment, that seems doubtful.

When she did it a second time, good Christian woman Nicole asked, “Is that holy water??”:

The pair went on to discuss whether Lady Gaga‘s “Judas” was a Christian song or a blasphemous track, all in their best Bible Belt accents. At one point, Madonna changed her username in the stream to “Mary Ann Beth” for full character immersion.

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With this, Madonna continues her tradition of keeping her name hot on the presses one way or another. Just this weekend she had the world’s quickest feud with Cardi B over some admittedly shady comments made on the anniversary of her 1992 Sex book.

That pop culture moment wasn’t even cold in the ground before she made her way to the small screen and hit head cleaner live on air. Chaotic or not, Ms. Madge knows how to put on a show.

You can watch the whole wild chat here:

Update: A previous version of this article mistakenly listed the host character’s name as “Nicole”, a separate character referenced on the show.

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