Madame (vs) X

Madonna, who is straight, demands credit for Lil Nas X’s gay kiss and people are not having it

(Photo: @madonna / Instagram)

Pop icon Madonna has set off a tidal wave of backlash following remarks that she, not Lil Nas X, performed the first gay kiss on a major awards show.

Lil Nas X, 22, made history last weekend when he kissed another guy during his recent performance on the BET Awards. It was the first male-male smooch in the history of performances at the particular show. (Adam Lambert, some have noted, did a similar thing during the 2009 AMAs, though the response he received was much less positive.)

Never one to pass up a chance at publicity, Madonna took to Instagram to share an image of herself kissing Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera at the 2003 MTV VMAs along with the hashtag #diditfirst.

Back in 2003, the kiss did cause controversy and backlash, not so much for breaking new ground as for a transparent publicity stunt.

Following the post, Twitter exploded in anger…

“The woman who quite literally stole/whitewashed an big element of Black queer culture, made a ton of money off of it with Vogue and has been heavily criticized for it, is flexing on a 22 year emerging Black queer artist to be recognized for a same sex kiss when she is STRAIGHT?!” wondered user @MajorPhilebrity.

“Madonna is so petty & tone deaf. I see straight white chicks kissing at bars all the damn time. Seeing a gay black man kiss another man in front of a majority black audience hits different,” raged @sammyd25_davis.

“Says f*cking Madonna, lol. Yeah, she may have done it first BUT the huge difference is that their actually gay, people of color and the kiss was REAL!!!” observed @Joseph7Mora8.