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Make No Mistake: Maine’s Anti-Marriage Effort Is Being Led By the Roman Catholic Church


Just so we’re clear, the anti-marriage equality effort in Maine is not being led by a consortium of independent, like-minded citizens in a grassroots effort as they’d have you believe — but the Roman Catholic Church. And they’re using their influence, and direct dial with Jesus, to rape Americans of their rights.

Portland’s Roman Catholic Bishop Richard Malone (pictured, right), who belongs on DaddyHunt.com, is spearheading a religious affront to get a Yes vote on Question 1 to repeal the same-sex marriage law. He’s collecting donations from the pulpit to go toward fighting the holy fight, which some CPAs might advise them against.

But the supposedly secular, grassroots group Stand for Marriage Maine is directly tied to Malone’s activities. Not only are the donations Malone collects from parisohners going directly to Stand for Marriage Maine (money laundering anyone?), but sad person and S4MM’s campaign director Marc Mutty (pictured, left) is actually Malone’s public affairs director — temporarily on leave to run S4MM.

Mutty’s proclivity to traffic in fiction, then, makes sense given his roots in the ultimate of tale tale tellers: the church. Which explains why Mutty’s correspondence with supporters is saturated with lies, and his statements to the press are blinded by his faith in hatred: “Until this point, our opponents have presented a rose-colored glasses view of homosexual marriage. Starting today, Mainers across the state will hear about the real cost to society should traditional marriage be replaced by genderless contracts whose sole focus is the adults involved in the relationship.”

Well it’s a good thing Malone & Mutty are master storytellers, since their television ads are fueled with nothing but misinformation.