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Man Accused Of Raping Lesbian Best Friend: I Thought She Was Bi

It’s not just South Africa that has a problem with straight guys thinking lesbians are there for the raping. Michael Hughes, a 23-year-old British man, stands accused of raping a lesbian friend at a wedding last March. Even more creepy (if true): Hughes refers to his alleged victim as his “little sister.” The Wilts and Gloucestershire Standard reports:

The woman claimed she followed Hughes to his room at the luxurious Clearwell Castle hotel in the Forest of Dean on the pretence that she was just going to have a look around as she could not afford a room. The jury at Gloucester Crown Court listened as the 23-year-old described how events unravelled. She said: “I saw Michael and we had a hug. I said I couldn’t afford to stay at the hotel and he told me that the room was lush.

“He said come and look at the room so I went up with him. I was walking around the room and sat on the bed. He pushed me back and I said ‘stop it Michael, this isn’t you’. It was the last thing I’d expect to happen – he’s like my best friend. “I would never have gone up there if I thought he liked me.” CCTV footage from the hotel shows the pair leave the smoking area and head to Hughes’ room. Just over 20 minutes later cameras capture the woman leaving the hotel at speed.

Sarah Regan, for the prosecution, told the court that the woman was openly gay and was in a relationship with another woman at the time of the alleged assault. “He knew of her relationship so she had no concerns of following him to his room.” The woman said she had no reason to suspect Hughes would carry out such an attack as they were close and he would often refer to her as his little sister. She added: “If I was going to cheat on my girlfriend, who I absolutely adored and worshipped the ground she walked on, I definitely wouldn’t do it with a man.”

So what does Hughes’ counsel have to say for him?

But defence counsel Christopher Phillips put it to her that there had previously been flirting between the pair and that on one occasion she had touched Hughes “intimately”. He suggested to her that she made up the rape allegation as an excuse to her girlfriend for sleeping with the accused. He said Hughes thought the woman was bisexual and maintained that what took place was consensual.

Testimony continues, where we’ll have fun new reasons for why women make up rape allegations.

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  • anonymous

    “we’ll have fun new reasons for why women make up rape allegations” really not that funny when you’ve had your life destroyed because a court and police department did believe you made up being raped & abused because you waited to report it because your rapist told you no one would believe you.

  • CoCo

    He’s being FACETIOUS. Look it up.

  • anonymous

    Things can be facetious and not be amusing. And be offensive.

    IRRELEVANT. Look it up.

  • Ni

    Good job, I don’t know how you missed the heavy sarcasm dripping off every word of that sentence.

  • anonymous

    No offense but I’m real familiar with the OED. I got the sarcasm, but I still found it offensive. And it wasn’t even funny or witty or any other redeeming value.

  • Francis

    Sad when someone becomes this desperate for pussy they do things like this. He’s fucking delusional. That’s why it’s hard (not saying impossible, but hard) for any woman to have a straight male friend. Because many times straight men just don’t recognize or accept the barriers, and don’t take no for an answer.

    Best wishes go out to raped woman, hopefully she isn’t too damaged by this.

  • Caitlin

    Seriously? Nit-picking that sentence is so stupid. It’s not supposed to be funny or witty, it’s supposed to be a pissed off remark that shows that the writer thinks this is bullshit, which it is.

    Also your editors have been doing a bit better this week, Queerty, but I don’t see how this is the best picture for this article at all..

  • Sexy Rexy

    What I find offensive is the picture of a woman with a short skirt on with torn fishnets….sorta feeds into the stereotype that only provocatively dressed women get raped…Queerty is proof that even gay men can have bad taste.

  • Pip

    by this guy’s logic shouldn’t i be able to get straight guys to fuck me all the time, because that’s MY sexual preference?

  • Simon says

    I am in a situation like that right now only I am the victims girlfriend. How do you get past something like that.

  • LR

    @Sexy Rexy: Actually, lesbian and bisexual women get raped even more than women who dress like what you mentioned, especially seemingly masculine lesbians.

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