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Mario Lopez assaulted in gym locker room

Mario Lopez was reportedly assaulted by an uppity gym bunny while going about his rigorous exercise regimen on Friday at Planet Hollywood Spa by Mandara in Las Vegas.

No word on what exactly angered this gym bunny, but it was serious enough that he smashed Lopez’s smartphone.

In fact, this extremely mean gymnasium person became so angry, police were called.

According to TMZ, Mario unwittingly bumped into the guy while working out, just as he was leaving the bathroom.

Lopez apparently said, “Excuse me.”

The man responded, “You got a problem?”

He was about to get physical with Lopez before an employee intervened.

Meanwhile, Lopez had left his smartphone on a locker room bench, and said he just wanted to grab his phone and get the hell out of there.

The man grabbed Lopez’s phone and threw it against the wall, smashing it to pieces.

Security arrived; cops were called. Law enforcement officials tell TMZ no arrests were made because Lopez didn’t want to press charges.

However, he did get his phone replaced by the hotel, free of charge.

He’s probably way over the incident with this gym creepo: He was checking out Jennifer Lopez’s show with his wife later that night.

The attacker is apparently a “known troublemaker,” and is now banned from the gym forever and ever. Because he was mean to Mario.


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  • JaredMacBride

    I missed the part where there was an assault.

    • Ari Gold

      In some cases, assault can be considered damage to physical property. And seeing as how this dude was being “aggressive” and then smashed the phone, one can sorta consider that assault.

    • JaredMacBride

      Ari, I’m guessing you aren’t now and have never been a lawyer.

    • KAAA

      I’m guessing you’re not a lawyer either. In Nevada (and most states) a threat of physical harm, and the ability to carry out the threat, are all that is required for a charge of assault. No physical contact needs to occur.

    • Juanjo

      Jared – exactly where did you receive your law degree? Precisely? Because I received mine in 1982 from the University of California, Hastings College of the Law. Penal Code 240 in California states that An assault is carried out by a threat of bodily harm coupled with an apparent, present ability to cause the harm. Nevada Revised Statutes NRS?200.471??Assault: 1.??As used in this section:
      (a)?“Assault” means:
      (1)?Unlawfully attempting to use physical force against another person; or
      (2)?Intentionally placing another person in reasonable apprehension of immediate bodily harm.

      Is that clear enough for you?

    • ChrisK

      Throwing his phone against the wall was a dick move but I’m not seeing how it’s cause for body harm apprehension. That defintion would make just about every altercation an assault.

    • PinkoOfTheGange

      ChisK The assault would of been the intimidating “you got a problem” not the phone toss most likely.

    • DJRM

      LOL! Right??!?!

    • Brody

      You missed nothing, JM, it’s just that snowflakes are quite adept at turning a spat into an “assault,” just as they frequently claim that words they don’t approve of equal violence.

    • scotshot


      Funny that the “butch” things on the right are squealing like stuck pigs when they’re confronted with their BS.

      Just say Antifa and they start screaming like 5 year olds.

      Brody’s just another little bitch.

    • davidnyc

      Sit back and watch Jared get schooled – why would you weigh in when you know nothing?

    • Mr-DJ

      Jared – I missed the part where you asked for responses only from attorneys.

      And when are attorneys the only persons who are knowledgeable about the law?

  • Jack Meoff

    Talk about click bait. What a misleading heading to this article.

    • Juanjo

      sorry jack but I think you are confusing assault with battery. This happened in Nevada and Nevada like California and most other states defines assault as an attempt to use OR placing someone else in a reasonable apprehension of immediate bodily harm. There need not be any actual touching. If there is then it is not assault, it is a battery.

  • Jaxton

    I had total sympathy for Mario Lopez until it was mentioned that he was going to a Jennifer Lopez show. Ick, uck.

    • Donston

      But J.Lo has dated gay/gay-leaning/closeted men. Shouldn’t she be one of your “I hate Liberal women” exceptions list?

    • spacecadet

      I’ve seen this show. It was pretty good: plenty of fun songs, she tackles a bunch of different musical styles, great dancing, and nice set design and lighting. I recommend it and I’ve seen much worse.

  • throwslikeagirl

    Not much of a story. It smacks of being placed by a press agent. Glad it appeared here as it has such relevance to the LGBTQ community. Since Lopez is so cute, it’s a shame you missed the opportunity to include a few gratuitous gym pics and gifs. Also before anyone wants to remind me that I didn’t have to click on this story, I’ll say that I clicked on it to see if there was a gay angle, and stayed on it because he IS cute and I like looking at pictures of him. But it was fun to be snarky, too.

    • leobaga

      Lopez is cute? Hahaha. You have no taste bruh.

    • DennisBTR

      Here is the gay angle – Lopez is a friend of the gay community. In the 1997 movie Breaking the Surface Lopez played Greg Louganis. This was a time when preforming in a gay role could be a career breaker. Lopez proudly played the part.

      Lopez has been the grand marshal of the Miami Beach Gay Pride Parade and involved in other gay supportive activities.

      That alone merits coverage of what is going on in his life.

    • Bob LaBlah

      I thought the same thing. Las Vegas 2017 and no one pulled out a cell phone to capture him cringing in fear, waiting for the police or either him or the other guy being questioned by the police? Maybe people in Las Vegas aren’t glued to their cell phones like the rest of the narcissistic gym crowds around the country, but some how I doubt that. This story stinks and I bet there is more that would really shame Mario were it ever told. Remember, he (Mario) boasts of being a kick-ass boxer and jock. lol lol

  • leobaga

    Just another example of Fake News from Queerty. I feel so validated.

  • DCguy

    Vegas, so……, Meth and Steroids.

  • PoetDaddy

    You know what I would really like to read on a thread sometime? “Really? I didn’t know that. I was wrong. Thanks for setting me straight, and I’m sorry I came on so strong.”

  • Bob LaBlah

    Here is what I am willing to bet did happen: Lopez entered the gym and happened to make eye contact with the guy. On the second eye contact he (Lopez) gives that teenaged Mexican gang member glare, only this time around he did it to the wrong guy who told he to either get in the ring or get his ass kicked out of it. Lopez decides to run to the locker room, grab his panties and run. Unfortunately the guy follows him into the locker room calling him all kinds of puto’s and such. The guy goes a step further and throws sister girls phone against the wall. She (Mario) stand there with a “what the hell do I do now” look on her face. A staff member comes into the locker room to his rescue and tells the guy who is going to beat the crap out of him to either leave or the police will be called. The guy refuses and the police are called.

    Once the lights are turned off Mario Lopez true personality comes on. He is a complete asshole. He always gives off this macho bravado b/s attitude complete with boxing, MMA and was even claiming he was from the “hood”. Never mind the fact that those types of claims can be easily be brought to light as a total light and the fact that he grew up in a well to do neighborhood just outside San Diego and knew nothing of gangs or the violence that entails that sort of life. Mario, dear, next time just accept you are what you are, a little twit a lot of guys still imagine bending over and giving you what you and all the rest of know you love. As this incident should have taught you keep going the way your going and you will end up with a good ass whipping that you seem to be begging for. Don’t find out the hard way that a seventy pound gym bag does not punch back and that it takes at least three or four men of equal size to pull a two hundred plus pound man who is on top of you and whaling the tar out of you off.

    • He BGB

      Your version is much more interesting. I laughed out loud. Literally. I can’t stand this guy since I heard he had some chorus boy dancer moved to the back in a Broadway show because he was more attractive and more talented than sister girl Maria. Plus, he’s just, well, all the things you said. Woohoo!

    • Bob LaBlah

      The story seems just as pathetic as the “leaked” pic of him a few years back with his right ass cheek showing. No witnesses were interviewed and the Las Vegas Sun newspaper didnt even run a story on it? And this was an assault?

  • Bob LaBlah

    If you laughed at that then checkout this youtube video of him and his coanchor. Now the setting is a race around a small park or something that is being billed as his streaking debut. The purple panties and all that b/s isn’t what make it interesting and to be honest should be expected. It also appears he is wearing two pair but hey, that too is to be expected. What makes The Amazing Shrinking Little Mexican or The Once Fifty Foot Tall Woman Who Some How Shrunk (or at least thats what the title should be lol lol) interesting is at the beginning of the video the woman, though in heels, is clearly at least a half foot taller than Lopez. By the end either Mario has taken too much B-1 and grown but the woman has some how shrunk. (Look at the video and you’ll see for yourself). But what is even more interesting is if you look at their heights and then at Mario’s crotch you kinda sorta walk away with the impression the little Mexican is standing on a box or……or what, I don’t know. lol lol lol Ok, ok. I know she might have taken off the shoes but still its his crotch placement that gives the whole thing away and makes you as “what the hell is this little twit going to do next”. lol lol

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