Got Spunk?

Mask The Taste Of Your Man With Masque Sexual Flavors


Until now, guys who have been self-conscious about the taste of their… essence had to munch pineapple and peppermint and cross their fingers. Now there’s Masque Sexual Flavors to solve that problem: Billed as “the first oral-sex product of its kind,” these gel strips are designed to dissolve on the tongue and “neutralize the tastes associated with [performing] oral sex on a man.”

We’re reminded of the miracle fruit, which causes sour sensations on the tongue to taste sweet. But since you probably won’t find that particular berry before your next Grindr hookup, Masque is likely your best option. It’s available in mango, strawberry, watermelon and chocolate, with a hint of mint “to prevent tasting that occurs in your nasal passages.”

They really thought of everything.

Photo: Masque