Demonic Damon

Matt Damon From Liberace Boy Toy To Pedophile Priest?

matt-damon-2-537x357If you’re still breathless after seeing Matt Damon in that revealing bikini in the Liberace bio Behind the Candelabra, how will you feel when he pulls back the covers on the Catholic Church pedophilia scandals?

TheWrap reports the acclaimed actor is in talks to star in  what’s described as an All The President’s Men-style take (it’s tough, but we’re resisting the easy Deep Throat joke) on the ongoing controversy of the Church’s cover-up of pedophile priests in Massachusetts that’s rattled much of the world.

The screenplay is based on the investigation by the Boston Globe’s reporters, who spoke with many victims and dug into thousands of pages of documents. All of this eventually “led to the resignation of Cardinal Bernard Law, who ignored years of serial abuse by other priests, and opened the floodgates to other disturbing revelations around the world.” The articles garnered the crack team of reporters the 2003 Pulitzer Prize for Public Service.

According to TheWrap, the Boston-native Damon hasn’t yet read the screenplay so no one knows whether he’ll play a roving reporter or a rogue priest.