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Matthew Morrison Reveals ‘The Gayest Thing I’ve Ever Done In My Life’

Back in 2003, when Glee‘s Matthew Morrison was just, uh, Matthew Morrison, he starred in the horrible “comedy” Marci X, which featured Lisa Kudrow as the daughter of a hip hop record label exec charged with revamping the image of rapper Dr. Snatchcatcher, played by Damon Wayans. And what was Morrison’s role? Oh, just appearing as a member of the gay boy band Boys R Us, whose single included lyrics about Will & Grace. So this should be ammunition to continue fighting off those gay rumors, right?

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  • Cam

    Gayest thing he’s ever done except for the whole being entered multiple times by other men’s penises?

  • Blaine

    I thought appearing on Glee would be the gayest thing he’s ever done?

  • Cam

    WOW!!! The moderation is crazy here. I posted

    “Gayest thing he’s ever done except for the whole being entered multiple times by other men’s p*****s?

    and it was screened?!!?

  • Blaine

    @Cam: So true!

  • ChiGuy76

    I’m a little confused here. Why the gay rumors about him? Where did they come from? I understand that Mr. Morrison well-known on Broadway before he was on Glee. Were there rumors circulating then?

    Normally, I like to keep the door open about these things, but I’m having a difficult time buying into these rumors. Lots of times they happen to be true, but in this case I think if Matthew Morrison was really gay, it would actually be to his benefit to come out and admit it. I don’t see how staying in the closet in his case helps his career. He’s not an actor heavily promoted as a sex symbol geared towards straight women nor is he someone who’s starred in a lot of “manly” action hero type roles geared towards straight men. I think if he really was a closet case then he would give the stock answer of “I don’t talk about my personal life.”

  • Marcus

    Geez, I remember him in this. Such a bad film.

  • Chuck

    Matthew Morrison #WorstthingsaboutGlee

    Between he and Leno, are they implying there is somthing wrong with being gay? If not, shut up about it. Why even go there?

    So what? Who cares?

  • DonLakeside

    His fifteen minutes are almost up.

  • Mike

    Marci X was so bad it was awesome.

  • Josh in OR

    @Mike: Exactly where I stand on the issue. That movie is like ELVIRA, MISTRESS OF THE DARK…or chocolate-covered, candied baby tears…so bad for you it’s awesome.

  • Lon

    All of these actors….
    Colton Haynes, Ian Somerhalder, even Robert Pattinson (since his Little Ashes gay kiss was filmed before his Twilight success), all accept these kinds of jobs earlier in their careers, seemingly comfortable with their sexuality, never expecting to one day hit it big.
    Of course, then upon entering the public eye, no more gay roles, ever again. Not that that’s not expected.
    Just stating the obvious; don’t mind me.

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