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This may be Marjorie Taylor Greene’s dumbest tweet yet, and that’s saying something

Following a horrific mass shooting like the one in Highland Park, Ill. on the Fourth of July, you can bet Rep. Marjorie Taylor will pop up to spout some of her signature wisdom.

And sure enough, it only took one day for the anti-LGBTQ politician to start tweeting up a storm, claiming guns aren’t as much to blame for the violence that left seven dead and more than three dozen injured as… mental health medications?

“When are we going to talk about drugs and SSRI’s?” she tweeted.

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Actually, according to her, guns aren’t even remotely relevant, as “even with no guns at all, evil will find a way.”

Greene called for the release of 21-year-old suspected shooter Robert Crimo III’s records — “school record, arrest, drugs and prescription drugs, hospitalizations, psychiatric.”

Then she posted a clearly edited image of Crimo and asserted, “People are not stupid,” before asking, “Is he in jail or rehab or a psychiatric center in this photo? That’s not his bedroom… What drugs or psychiatric drugs or both does he use?”

Nothing gets past her!

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Here’s how people responded:

Not one to easily accept reality, Greene followed up with another tweet writing, “Supposedly this is photoshopped.”

“Supposedly”?! Not “Evidently”… Not even “Apparently”.

Last month, Greene issued a disturbing warning to gun owners, claiming red flag laws will prevent them from stopping the so-called “trans agenda on kids.”

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