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By now you’ve heard that conversion therapy is a farce. Trying to train the mind to refuse same-sex leanings? What do you think this is, an David Lynch film? With Iris Robinson’s reparative therapist friend Dr. Paul Miller being investigated by Britain’s medical oversight board, it’s a great time to look at some real-life patients of the therapy. At least one of whom considers himself cured.

Exorcism. Fasting. Marriage. Those are just a few of the tricks in the ex-gay book. And Anthony Venn-Brown, now 58 and a former Pentecostal preacher, tried them all over 22 years. And despite a wedding and raising two daughters, it didn’t take.

With Sydney’s Mardis Gras underway, Australia’s ABC host Monique Schafter talks to 29-year-old Haydn, who felt his homosexuality at age 14. But as a Christian, Hadyn says he was “unable to change myself. I see it as being a spiritual regeneration, as I trust god with my sexuality.” His wife Ji Hyun knows he’s an ex-gay.

But how does he deal with his same-sex attractions that remain? By doing guy things, duh! With his straight bro friendships, he goes to “play football together, go do guy things together, hang out with guys, just do guy stuff.” Uh. Huh. And one day, he says, “I think that one day I will reach a point where I’m not sexually attracted to men.”

In a post-show forum with viewers, Hadyn wrote, “Melissa, I don’t think God made me for this. In His good purpose, which I cannot understand, He gave me this to struggle with. Everyone has a cross to bear and this is mine. Why this? I may never know. He could have given me women to be attracted to, but instead He gave me this. It helps me to appreciate God as father and to draw close to the Dad that I never really had (emotionally speaking).”

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