Meet The Openly Gay Almost NFL-er Throwing Major Shade At Jason Collins And Dan Savage

Photo by Chris CrismanThe name Dorien Bryant probably isn’t familiar to you, but it could’ve been. You see, Bryant could’ve been the NFL’s first openly gay player, if only he had answered that Dallas Cowboys phone call in 2009. Or accepted that contract with the Tennessee Titans.

G Philly Magazine has a fascinating profile on Bryant, an amazingly hot, amazingly talented college football player whose potentially great career was sidelined by injuries, hubris, and an ill-fated affair with a male cheerleader. When outed by said cheerleader, Bryant denied the relationship, but that didn’t stop people from talking:

Weeks later, during a game against Indiana State, Dorien looked up to see cardboard cutouts of his picture next to rainbow flags hoisted in the Sycamores’ student section. Gay jokes and chants rained down during warm-ups. “That game was an eye-opening experience,” he says. “I remember thinking, I’m not going to be able to do this for another six or seven years.” He posted one of the best games of his career, including two touchdowns. Take that, ISU.

Bryant couldn’t imagine living the life of a pro football player while being the openly gay man he wanted to be — scratch that — while being the young openly gay man he wanted to be. “I was just afraid I’d be 30 and still not know who I am,” he says. “I know that 30 isn’t the be-all-end-all … but it is in gay years.”

Things get dishier and juicier when the conversation turns to the subject of gays in sports and the NFL. As for his Purdue teammates, he claims that more than a few were, if not exactly gay, then definitely heteroflexible. When pressed, he tells G Philly of six or seven guys who “may not have been gay, but they would definitely get into bed with a guy.” He also “strongly suspects” at least two Heisman winners are gay as well.

Bryant’s prickly personality also extends to his opinions on the gay rights movement. He seems uninterested in becoming a posterboy for gays in professional sports, and doesn’t see the NFL signing an openly gay player for at least six years. “How many fans of the Houston Texans do you think are going to be like, ‘OK, here comes some gay guy playing on our team?’”

He saves his harshest words, though, for out former NBA player Jason Collins. “I don’t think what he did was courageous at all,” Bryant says. “I’m sure he’ll do the LGBT circuit.…But you don’t play basketball anymore and you never really were anybody.” Ouch. He also calls gay rights activist and writer Dan Savage “a tool” when interviewed during a local gay bar’s “Dump Stoli” party. “Sixty to 70 percent of the people don’t even know what they’re fighting against,” he says.

There is much, much more where all this came from, and we urge you to head over to G Philly to check out the entire profile. Bryant is hot, witty, and can throw major shade with the best of them: touchdown.

Photo: Chris Crisman

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  • SuperK

    He just sounds incredibly whiny, in my opinion. The only thing I agree with him about is Dan Savage – he’s not doing anything good for gay people. But by sitting here and just throwing out negative statements, you’re only stunting equality rather than pushing for it.

    I’ll agree that he’s a good looking guy, but looks aren’t everything. A terrible personality can really transform what could be a beautiful person into someone ugly.

  • Degas

    No, Bryant is the TOOL. And a coward, a fool, and shallow. Okay, he wanted to live on the DL. Fine. He picked the wrong guy to do it with, though. And now he’s sour grapes. Go dance on a pole, you idiot!

  • Degas

    Ah, Dan Savage, like him or not, calls out all of the homophobes. He tears them to pieces with facts, statistics, science, and studies. The religious right won’t go near him because they know he will shred them. So, yeah, he’s done a heck of a lot for the community by being a loud mouth and not cowering to the bullies.

  • BJ McFrisky

    If Bryant truly believes gay life ends at 30, then indeed he is setting himself up for a life of doubt, depression, and dullness.

    Concerning Dan (“Look at me I’m Dan Savage!”) Savage, he’s right on the money. A tool to the end.

  • CoolBeansandChili

    The GPhilly profile was interesting. I do applaud him for realizing he might not have lived the way he truly wanted to if he were in the NFL, but that’s where my praise ends. Despite what he says, it’s obvious Dorien is on his own jock. If he was truly considered the T.O. of Purdue, a lot of us would’ve been over it after a few out-the-ass comments.

  • Degas

    At least “Look at me, I’m Dan Savage” actually does tangible things to help GLBTQ youth. He stands up to the bullies. Yeah, he can be annoying. So what? So are you, BJ McFrisky. But your comments can be provoking and add a different voice to the norm. Does that make you a tool?

  • Degas

    Look, this DL guy, now forced out, is throwing stones at out and proud men. He’s a pathetic, self centered and self loathing man. Who cares what this guy thinks? He’s not afraid of selling his body now that he’s failed at football. As I said, go dance on a pole.

  • Fitz

    Hector Projector much? And as far as his incredible hotness goes… yes, from the neck down he is amazing. But that is one ugly mug!

  • Mr. E. Jones

    He’ll be married to a woman in 5 years, and denouncing his previous “gay lifestyle”.

  • dvorak

    Just calling someone a tool is not the same as throwing shade.

    Please stop using that term inappropriately.

  • AnitaMann

    This guy is a nobody for a reason and this interview makes that reason pretty clear.

  • Kangol

    So beautiful in body but so warped in the head, but that’s what homophobia and heterosexism do to so many of us.

    Perhaps by the age of 30 he’ll get it together. And perhaps another young GBT football player who isn’t so mixed up in the head will emerge and be brave enough to be the first.

    Jason Collins is still a pro and a hero in my book. Dorien Bryant should think again about his shady criticism of Collins.

  • hephaestion

    This Dorien Bryant sounds like a complete idiot. And insulting two great men like Dan Savage & Jason Collins just proves he’s an idiot.

    If he didn’t have hot abs, Queerty would never publish his pathetic & ignorant comments.

  • B Damion

    My god his own sister confirms that he is a d-bag in the article. What more can be said? Dorien girl, go set down somewhere honey.

  • BJ McFrisky

    @Degas: Point taken. But Dan Savage has attempted to fashion himself as the face of gay rights, when in reality he represents me about as much as al Qaeda represents all Muslims.

  • Rockery


    Why did you say he is living “on the DL” is it because he is black? From what I understand that is not what he was doing

  • Charlie in Charge

    “Sixty to 70 percent of the people don’t even know what they’re fighting against,” And therefore Dan Savage is a tool? What? Fire your publicist, kiddo.

  • Degas

    @Rockery: Living on the DL has nothing to with race. It has to do with living a lie. Bryant was not out in college, would not have been out in the NFL, and criticized Collins for living openly. He would have done as all gay NFL players do today. And that means black, brown and white; live on the DL.

  • Stache1

    I don’t know where this smug looking asshole is getting his facts but the I’m pretty sure that most that took part in the dump stoli campaign knew why they were doing it. Dan Savage has done allot for this community.

    Why we give these dumb ass jocks a platform to talk is beyond me. Oh that’s right he had a great body. Ha.

  • Degas

    So, you think Bryant wasn’t bragging about how much pussy he was getting before he was outed? With an attitude like his, I’ll be the had his teammates pretty convinced they he was on “their” team. That’s what I mean by living on the DL. It’s a lie. It’s attitude. Its entitlement. It’s cowardly. It’s very different from being in the closet.

  • Rockery


    Why say DL verses being in the closet? From what I understand being on the DL is something different. I see you made that little addendum, to justify your comments but you are just making that up, from his comments he was in closet as we all were at some point. So race was part of your comment, whether you admit it of not.

  • Degas

    @Rockery: No, money was the point of my comment, not race. Actors, politicians, athletes, and famous people of all walks of life live on the DL because they believe that if they come out, or don’t have a cover, their careers and reputations would be over. Thus, a loss of their livelihoods and or reputations. Just my humble opinion, but the closet is a struggle and the DL is a cover.

  • Degas

    @Rockery: Are you saying that white men don’t live on the DL? Seriously? Are you suggesting that I wouldn’t use the same DL vs. closet for a similarly idiot, white version of Bryant? Oh, you are mistaken. Idiots come in all colors, and Bryant is grade-A. DL comes in all colors, too. This was never about race. It was about money, which is why it is important to live openly. Only when our livelihoods are not threatened because of our orientation will we be equals.

  • DarkZephyr

    Gay life ends at 30? What a piece of crud. I am 36 and my life is extremely vibrant and thrilling, thank you very much. Marrying beloved soon too! I am at my all time happiest!

  • Rockery


    I’m not saying white men don’t live on the DL, don’t try and divert. And yes I am saying you wouldn’t have used the term DL if he was white. There was no indication of him living on the DL. After I replied to your comment, YOU decided to add in, that you ASSUMED he was bragging about banging girls etc,(you might want to learn about what the term DL means BTW). How can you attribute something to someone based on your unfounded assumptions? That is the silliest thing I have read.

    You’re choice of language was problematic and I called you on it, own it.

    My partner is black and when he says it was a different world for him, I understood, but never really fully took it in, but I’m starting to really get it…. if I have not come out and deny a gay relationship; I’m closeted, but my partner is on the DL????

    It is about race, “closeted” as you said is a struggle and that description is given to people like Anderson Cooper (when he was closeted) but when its this guy he is “on the DL”, which has a more negative connotation to it. It implies he is untrustworthy, sinister, up to something etc. It’s just another way to be subtle (or not so subtle)in your racism.

  • Dxley

    This boy is too feeble-minded. He’s just so sad and pathetic he feels the need to tear and shred other gay men down — gay men who are known and visible. I’ve never liked Dan Savage but believe it or not he’s done so much for the Gay Community. I just never liked him because of HIS personal affairs but that’s none of my business and I’ll focus on the positive things he does.

    Yes, the boy looks hot and all but it’s apparent that there’s nothing but a dark void in that head — his comments are just superfluous and insulting. Let’s get real, this interview took place probably because Graham and these rookies at Queerty were drooling all over him and didn’t care what came out of that mouth as long he takes his shirt off and makes a seductive face.

    He’s a dumb-ass c*nt… He thinks less and talks more. I feel disgusted by these comment he’s made. He’s such a disgrace but he’s fairly young so let’s hope he changes his mind and learns a thing or two about a thing or two before he opens that tw*t of his he calls a mouth.

    Some people always appear bright until they start speaking. When I saw that picture I was so damn hard, but his comments instantly made my d*ck soft that I no longer saw the beauty he possesses. He needs to grow up — and FAST!!!!

  • viveutvivas

    It is kind of hard to tell exactly what he meant based on a couple of quotes out of context. As we all know, journalists are so trustworthy. But that doesn’t stop posters from making up their minds based on almost no information and running away with it, apparently.

  • Degas

    @Rockery: Oh, hell no. Full disclosure: My spouse is black, and our adopted son is biracial, since you want to make this about race. Bryant, the asshole, makes a point about girls hanging all over him and secretly dating a male cheerleader. His own homophobia is astonishing. Anderson Cooper, Jodi Foster, as far as I know, never had a cover = closeted. Actors, athletes, politicians, pick one, any one, you know the ones; with wives and girlfriends, who lie and deny, and wear women as accessories = DL. There’s nothing sinister in DL. It’s sad, self destructive, ruins a family, and potentially a career for men of all races. DL is a behavior and a cover up and contrary to the truth. DL is not a BLACK term, it describes a behavior.

  • Merv

    Ouch! It looks like Rockery’s race card got trumped.

  • AuntieChrist

    Dan Savage is the definitive gay male. White. Perfect gym body, cloned lover. And the almost NFL-er Dorian. Perfect fodder for gay porn. Gay life only ends at 30 if you are not hot and don’t go to the gym. Better look like Dan and have some money if you want to keep a hot man. Look at all the pics and guys that the gay rags put in our face and tell me you don’t have expectations. Would Elton John be married if he was poor and unknown? I DON’T THINK SO.

  • Rockery


    LOL! Touche (FTR: I have a hard time believing his “disclosure”)


    Where does it say he made it a point of saying he had girls hanging all over him?? Where are all of these women? Even so, that is not what DL is, it’s living a double life of being married or dating girls exclusively and secretly having sex with men “on the down low”. (that on it’s own is problematic. You labelled him as being on the DL without evidence of this.

    Your said: “So, you think Bryant wasn’t bragging about how much pussy he was getting before he was outed? With an attitude like his, I’ll be the had his teammates pretty convinced they he was on “their” team.”

    That is YOUR assumption and does not qualify as being on the DL anyway. He was closeted like almost every gay man was/is. I know it’s not a black term, you attributed it to him for no reason and now are scrambling to undo it. Whether you admit it or not, you would not have said he is on the DL if he was white, we both know that. Deny it if you want, I made my point.

    PS: DL does have a negative connotation to it, maybe you might want to learn about the term and what it means before throwing it around.

  • Richard

    Out of curiousity, who on Earth thinks “Shade” is a good thing? This guy is a bitter douchebag who is hating on other people because he missed his moment in the sun.

    SHAME on Queerty for even hinting that someone as worthless as this was worthy of being idolized in the gay community. We have enough hot men who are scum as it is that seem to be the face of the community.

  • Shadeaux

    Awww. He’s mad.

  • jimbryant

    Oh, please, if he had become an NFL player he wouldn’t be out and nor would he be attacking Jason Collins. The NFL doesn’t allow players to come out as gay. It’s an intensely homophobic organization.

  • litper

    Homophobic bigot who still lives in 1950s. May he go back in the closet and die quietly.

  • Teleny

    We should be lifting each other up: not tearing each other down.

  • Jersey2013

    Thank god he’s still young and capable of learning. Poor guy will someday look back on this article and feel really bad.

  • Degas

    Rockery, you are being way too easy on me with your last comment about my not so subtle racism.

  • Daniel-Reader

    Has the NFL ever actually lived up to the 21 state civil rights laws where it transacts commerce that are sexual orientation inclusive by hiring gay human being?

  • BrandoPolo

    Dorien’s mistake was telling the truth, but is a no-no from public figures. No, Jason Collins coming out after he was no longer in the NBA was not particularly courageous. Yes, Dan Savage is a tool.

    He probably should have been more nuanced, but I like a guy who speaks his mind. And, yes, he is hot. Hot and kind of a dick — isn’t that what gay guys go for?

    @Degas: Rockery pwned you, bro. He got you.

  • KDub

    “Sixty to 70 percent of the people don’t even know what they’re fighting against,”
    Quoted for truth! I wouldn’t put an actual number on it, but it’s probably safe to say most. I think a large part of this community just likes being argumentative. And yes, DS is a tool. This guy may be a bit arrogant, but he’s also right about a lot of what he said.

  • tricky ricky

    what a bitch.

  • tricky ricky

    how soon before he’s working with raging stallion or lucas?

  • jasentylar

    @hephaestion: Dan Savage is far from great. He is an absolute tool. I am proud of Jason Collins. Mr. Bryant’s insults towards Jason were without merit. Sir Dorien comes off as a tool on that point.

  • M Pitt

    No no. Who is this fool? Life ends at 30? I cannot stand these Down Low, Closeted irritating gays!! He even has the nerve to criticize Dan Savage and Jason Collins? Please crawl back into the hole you came out of! What did he ever do for the gay community? Whose rights has he supported. He’s only out because he was outed by a jilted fuck buddy.

    I really can’t stand these douche bags that do absolutely nothing for the millions of gays around the country and the world striving and hoping for equality but attack the few that have been brave enough to advocate for those rights.

    Dan Savage was out there fighting for my rights long before it was ‘hip’. He and others like him were out there when the right wing religious fundamentalists were winning initiative after initiative to restrict gay rights and make our lives harder. What were all his critics doing? Enjoying a down low hypocritical lifestyle, where they could satisfy their sexual urges maintaining cred with their straight buds who wouldn’t want to know them if they knew who they really were.

    This is to all you ignorant gays out there, if you haven’t been in the ring consistently fighting for our rights , please go back to trawling grindr. There is nothing respectable about you! Dorien Bryant, please do one!

  • olfwob

    @Fitz: You must be a real 10/10, maybe show us your beautiful face so we can praise you. He is a very looking guy and i wonder if you deal with people this way in the real world or only in the anonymity of the net.

  • dean089

    He speaks the truth. It ain’t pretty but the truth seldom is. So many people seem to think that once there’s a gay NBA, NFL, whatever, player then the fight is over. Bitch, please! In the United States we still have teenagers being tossed out onto the streets OR WORSE just because they’re gay. When THAT ends, maybe we’ll be close to the fight being over, but at this point in time we’ve still got a long, long way to go.

  • highestbidder

    interesting opinions

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