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Mega Pastor Joyce Meyer Has Finally Denounced Uganda’s Kill The Gays Bill. It’s Not Enough

I suspect part of the reason Joyce Meyer, the evangelical preacher, doesn’t get as many headlines as Rick Warren and Joel Osteen because she’s a lady, and we somehow don’t see her as equally powerful (and equally harmful), but as the face of Joyce Meyer Ministries, Pauline Joyce Hutchison Meyer is raking in the followers and the cash. Let’s put it this way: she travels private. As in, private jet. She’s also been particularly silent about Uganda’s Kill The Gays bill, which activists have managed to get Warren and Osteen, after much cajoling, to denounce. Finally, Meyer has added her name to the list of critics.

The reason it’s so crucial to get Meyer’s name on the list of foes? Because she’s worked on the ground in Uganda, like her male counterparts, and wields enormous influence there among religious Christians (which is to say, a helluva lot of people). So she’s come out and called the Anti-Homosexuality Bill “disturbing” and “dangerous.” Those are good words; they aren’t, however, as strong as “malicious” or “murderous.”

But while Meyer has denounced the bill in a statement — thanks in no small part to the efforts of Michael A. Jones at and Jim Burroway at Box Turtle Bulletin — she wasn’t doing everyone favors, indicating gay people are making “lifestyle choices,” though that’s to be expected from her not-so-tolerance teachings.

Except these pastors need to do more. It is, frankly, their duty. They tour the nation, and the world, filling football stadiums and mega-churches, collecting huge fees for speaking and writing, all on the backs of believers. And thus, they owe something to those believers: staunch advocacy to do the right thing. So while a statement is a great first step, these preachers have the power to do much more, like encourage their followers to take their own individual stand against injustice.

We’re not calling for these pastors to demand their followers get involved politically (hello, IRS code!). But issuing a statement, that gets buried on a website or, is not adequate. Hold a fundraising concert with newly out Christian singer Jennifer Knapp to pay for the legal costs of gay Ugandans’ asylum cases. Include instruction about the importance of all lives, even gay ones, as you take over radio airwaves. Meyer has a whole section of her website dedicated to Haitian relief; what about highlighting the plight of human beings suffering from a man-made disaster?

Meyers’ full statement:

It is increasingly evident that the proposed “Anti-Homosexuality Bill” introduced in the Ugandan parliament is a profoundly offensive, dangerous and disturbing attack on the very foundation of individual liberties and human rights afforded not only to the good citizens of Uganda, but on the at-large global community.

If enacted, this hostile legislation will also further, and adversely, serve as a major setback in the global health efforts to combat Uganda’s AIDS epidemic and reduce the record-high infection rates among the country’s HIV population, an already at-risk community that could be further ostracized, threatened, and targeted as potential criminals.

Our missions and ministry message has always been to teach that the Word of God is about helping people – all people – learn that God loves them and has a purpose for their lives, not put guilt or condemnation on them.

As a global society, we do not have to agree, endorse or condone the lifestyle choices of others. However, history has taught us that we equally cannot and should not excuse those who would hide behind religion or misuse God’s word to justify bigotry and persecution.

With this statement, our motivation and intent is not to interfere with Uganda’s political agenda or internal affairs. As believers, however, we have a moral and ethical duty that compels us to speak out against injustice wherever it may be in the world.

Joyce Meyer Ministries

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  • james p. p.

    she’s had work done….

  • Dennis

    From how I understood her statement, that’s about as gay supportive as an evangelical kkkristian is EVER going to get in supporting our rights. She is a born-again, and her tribe is pretty much ‘our sworn enemy’, so again, this is actually better than expected from the likes of a mega-Jeebus preacher.

    I’ve never found her as fearful/sex-obsessed or hateful as many of her ilk, and again, this statement sounds like a pretty strong condemnation of Uganda’s bill.

    I don’t expect to see Joyce marching with PFLAG at Gay Pride this summer…there’s waaay more hateful stuff coming out of many ignorant mouths, so maybe lay off her, and focus on true hate-mongers.

  • David

    She’s a fraud… like all the other Talibangelists.

  • NickadooLA

    Such a bold condemnation… and only a week after news came out that there’s little support for this bill – IN UGANDA. She’s so brave.

  • adman

    Tax free American Talibanners, this is what our competition is. Those who will and are coming very close to undermining civilization itself. This woman is the scum of the earth, wake up and smell the coffee.

  • trickstertara

    Say “Chris Coleman” within earshot. See if she melts.

  • dvlaries

    Joyce Meyer has always struck me as what they mean when someone refers to a woman as “handsome.”

  • Jason

    Every time I see her on TV, I think of this drag queen I knew who did a spot-on Church lady in sequins schtick.

  • Stefan Dwornik

    Dear Pastor Joyce,

    I glanced over some of the comments that people have left for/or about you. It is sad to see the degree of blatant anger and hate, humanity has now sunk to. Christ was all about LOVE, FORGIVENESS,COMPASSION, and that we as mankind are unfit to judge, but God has blessed us with ‘good judgement’; if only we listen . I cannot see how the word God can be on a sign that claims his hatred of some; LOVE and Hatred are complete opposites, you can no more put the two together, than you can build a bridge of good deeds to God.

    Pastor, it is critical that those of us who wish to call ourselves Christians, start acting Christ-like, for time has run out, we just don’t see it. Please ask your congregation to pray for the Truth. (I’m not implying in anyway that you don’t believe in the Truth). The time has come when we individually must pray/talk to God & Jesus about taking a 180 degree turn in our lives. No time limit, no demands, other than to humbly ask for the truth and the gift of serving the creator. With hope that this reaches you, and your heart.

    thank you,

  • Michael Weisser

    Joyce, Somethings that bother me are like in the King James revised it says in 1 Timothy 4:3 foods, not meats. In the normal 1769 King James it says meats. That amplified bible you use on the show would confuse me, sort of. John 10:10 the King James says MORE THAN ABUNDANTLY, not just til it overflows. Not just abundantly, more than abundantly in all areas of your life. Now, you know what Romans chapter 1 says about the fagot, homos. What is sick in our society the devil changing the word gay which used to mean carefree happy and now it’s HOMO. It makes it sound like it isn’t that bad or even that it’s allright. Oh! he’s just gay, sick. Now the word devil spirit, saying demon is NOT RIGHT. It makes it sound like some mischieveous character not pure evil, what the devil spirits are. Like the cartoon of the Tazmanian devil. Another thing, nobody can preach on that part in the gospels where it talks about once a year an angel would stir the water and whoever got in it first would be healed, the pool of Silom or something. Well, I did a study on this and that was ALL ADDED, check it out. I knew something was funny when I first read that because GOD would NOT operate that way and it bears witness with my spirit that Jesus Christ is not God. The trinity does not exist, that was added in 3rd John 1 Corinthians 15:28, you cannot be subject unto yourself. Besides you and other people being blinded by that doctrine I enjoy listening to you on TV. Let’s get things straight cut. Last time I left a comment it said someone would get back to me within 48hrs. Bless you, Michael

  • Michael Weisser

    Joyce or whoever, I hope my last comment gets read. I’m not gonna do it again unless I have to. GODSDOG,almighty! ha! ha! I didn’t submit it I forgot and went to register. Then came back and it was gone. It was about Thessalonians your whole spirit, soul, and body be preserved blameless. That spirit small s is what we are born of God is a Spirit capital S. Find that comment so I can submit it. The real important one is posted. GOD Bless, Michael Weisser

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