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Meghan McCain spends Valentine’s Day rage tweeting about how creepy and “pathetic” Joy Behar is

Hey, how was your Valentine’s Day? Chances are it was better than Meghan McCain‘s, whose entire day was apparently ruined by a one-word tweet from her former The View co-host Joy Behar.

It all started after Meghan shared a photo of herself and her vehemently anti-LGBTQ husband, Ben Domenech, writing, “Happy Valentines Day @bdomenech – I love you and am grateful every day for the life we have together.”

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When a user replied by asking, “Does every thought and sentiment need to be on Twitter?”, Behar briefly entered the chat by responding, “Apparently.”

Joy’s admittedly snarky comment was quickly deleted. But not before Meghan grabbed a screenshot of it then tweeted, “Imagine spending your Valentines [sic] Day trolling your ex colleagues [sic] tweet about her husband.”

Now, imagine spending your Valentine’s Day taking screenshots and bitching on Twitter about how your ex-colleague, who you’ve been trashing in the tabloids for the past six months, literally wrote just one word about you online.

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In a follow up tweet, McCain, who hates tell-all books despite publishing a tell-all memoir about her time on The View shortly after quitting the show last year, called Behar “pathetic” and said she “creeps me out.” (We’re pretty sure the feeling is mutual, Meg.)

Here’s how people are responding to McCain’s angry Valentine’s Day tweet…

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