So, Too, Does His Sexual Elephant

Mika’s Gay Media Train Charges Ahead

Mika may remain mum on his sexuality, but he continues to make the gay media rounds. First came the Out cover story. Now, the Lebanese-born pop “Big Girls” singer sits down with aurally-inclined Arjan over at OutZone. And, not surprisingly, the boys broach the subject of Mika’s aforementioned preferences.

When asked about why people care so much about who he beds, the coquettish Mika explains:

In order to talk about something like that you have to deconstruct it. There’s the celebrity aspect and in the world of reality television we have this notion that if you are someone who is put in the spotlight irrelevant of what you do for a living you’re immediately deemed a public property. And because of that you’re supposed to offer up your entire life on the plate and let people devour you like some cheap all-you-can-eat buffet. I’m not a salad bar!

So stop tossing him in the gay pile!

In this interview, Mika’s sure to point out how much he appreciates the gay support:

…I have a very strong gay following. Very strong and I have been fostered by gay media and promoted by gay media in the U.K. and the U.S. almost before anybody else was promoting me. I think it would be dishonest and it would be wrong, and it would be really stupid not to do a cover like that. Attitude was the first cover in the U.K., Out was the first cover in the United States. And I’m very proud of that.

Of course, rumors swirl as to whether or not Mika’s people initially resisted the fag rags. Regardless, Arjan wonders why people are willing to overlook Mika’s mystery and enjoy his music. Mika’s reply? “It is honest.”