MT Man Charged With HIV Transmission Shot At Cops And Killed 55 Doggies

It’s not clear if a Montana man infected an unknowing partner with HIV, but its a lead-pipe cinch he’s a twisted individual.

Peter Northcutt, 52, pleaded not guilty to failing to disclose his status to his partner, named T.V. in court documents, the Billings Gazette reports. Northcutt tested positive for HIV in 1997 and developed AIDS in 1998.

But in a separate case he faces charges of assault on a law enforcement officer and aggravated animal cruelty. In July 2011, Northcutt fired at police officers checking on his well-being—then shot and killed 55 husky sled dogs on his property in Joliet.

In was in the course of being interviewed about the shooting that T.V. learned his ex was HIV-positive.

During the interview, [Northcutt’s attorney] asked T.V. if he knew Northcutt had HIV.

T.V. told Strong he did not know of Northcutt’s diagnosis.

“When did you first hear?” Strong asked the man.

“Right now in this office,” he replied.

T.V. took a test for HIV the next day and learned a few days later that he had contracted the virus.

Clearly, this is a terrible situation all around, but we can’t stop thinking about those poor huskies.

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    crass much?

  • nevereclipsed81

    Prison. A year for each of the dogs killed, plus the other charges. I have no sympathy for animal cruelty.

  • frshmn

    HIV+ people are unstable and dangerous, why can’t we quarantine them or at least make them wear some sort of identifier to keep us safe.

  • the other Greg

    @frshmn: William F. Buckley suggested tattoos… you know, like with Auschwitz?

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