Musical Notes: Cerrone
Last year’s release of Goldfrapp‘s Supernature drummed up a new interest in Cerrone‘s disco era album of the same name. We’ve been hooked on both ever since.

Cerrone’s album, however, lends it self quite nicely to Monday mornings. Not only does it feature epic disco overtures, thoughtful social commentary (or something) and creepy interludes for the stoner in us all, but the second to last track, “Love is Here”, provides us with some much needed romantic inspiration.

We couldn’t find the video for “Love is Here”, but we did find the moving image for the preceding track, “Give Me Love”.

It’s the afternoon, it’s Monday, you deserve a break. Plus, we think you’ll really like it. You gotta hand it to them: they made the most of what they had, i.e. diamond graphics.