A Muslim-American Brooklyn man is suing the New York Police Department for rejecting his application to be a cop due to his religious beliefs. According to the New York Post, the man — who is going by the alias “Farhan Doe” (we wish that were a joke) — is filing a religious discrimination lawsuit because he believes homosexuality is a sin, and that gays should go to jail.

Doe deserves to be in the NYPD, despite checking the “yes” box next to the question, “Do you believe that homosexuals should be locked up,” in 2009, when he applied, said his lawyer, Jerold Levine.

When Doe — who works as an auxiliary cop in Brooklyn — applied to the Police Academy the next year, he’d softened his views, still believing homosexuality is a sin, but no longer believing gays should be arrested, Levine said.

Gee, how very “evolved” of him.

Since Doe was outright rejected, his lawyer is crying foul: “The First Amendment is very clear, saying that you can’t discriminate against someone because they have a view you do not like.”

The NYPD declined to comment, but we know you won’t! Have at it!

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