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  • Sceth

    This is an extremely amazing article. Kudos on including, but take a finger-wag for buying into the lie that The Gay and The Science aren’t totally in love.

  • Mike in Asheville

    Keep the snarkiness to the deserving. Mann Cuntler (aka Ann Coulter) essayed her unique take on stupidity today and yet no posts about that.

    Didn’t the Alien alien have arsenic for blood? Or was is acid?

  • RomanHans

    Gotta disagree with #1: great headline! Right on target. (Says a gay dude with a math degree.)

  • Cassandra

    Kinda neat the way Anne Coulter reminded you of the xenomorph’s in the Aliens movies.

  • Snownova

    @Mike in Asheville: The aliens in the Alien movies (I’m asuming you mean the Sigourny Weaver ones) had acid for blood, not arsenic.

    This article reminds me of the movie “Evolution” where an alien lifeform was silicum based and as a result they theorized it would react to selenium the same way terrestrial life reacts to arsenic. I guess the article blows that theory out of the water ;)

  • Jeffree

    Why was NASA looking at Bacteria in California, anyway? Regardless, this is a very interesting finding because it shakes up assumptions on the “essential” ingredients for living creatures to develop/live.

    Maybe NASA *should* check Ann Coulter’s biochemistry to ascertain whether she’s related to HomoSapiens or not ?!?

  • Steve D.

    NASA wants to know, if they send a rover to Mars, how to tell if there’s life there. So they’ve gone to places like the Mohave Desert and Death Valley to test their rovers’ maneuverability, and they’ve gone to places like this arsenic-laden lake to see if there are weird forms of life on earth (which might escape detection if you’re only looking for carbon-nitrogen-oxygen-hydrogen-phosphorus-sulfur based life).

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