Nasty Women! Bad Hombres! Our Favorite Memes From Last Night’s Debate Debacle


Well, we made it, folks. The third and final presidential debate happened last night. Now we just need to get to election day and this never ending nightmare will finally–finally!–be over.

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In case you missed last evening’s spectacle, here’s a quick recap: Like the previous two debates, Donald Trump spent the entire 90 minutes spewing total nonsense, sniffling uncontrollably, and hurling personal insults at Hillary Clinton while she stood cooly and confidently behind her podium refusing to take any of his bait.

Trump called Clinton a “nasty woman” with “bad experience.” He somehow found a way to blame her for the fact that he hasn’t paid any income tax in nearly 20 years and warned Americans that there are a lot of “bad hombres” lurking in the shadows of our country. He also insulted our democracy by saying he may not accept the election results if he doesn’t win, and once again accused the nine women who have come forward saying he sexually assaulted them of being fame-hungry liars.

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It was a pretty disgusting and disturbing night. Thankfully, people on the Internet have once again helped find the humor in it all. Scroll down for some of our favorite memes from last night’s disastrous debate…

Not gonna lie.. I'm a #nastywoman with a taste for #badhombres ??? #trumpmemes #election2016 #finaldebate #disaster

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It's too good to not share. #debate2016 #nastywoman #imwithher

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Lol #donaldtrump #bigly #wtf #holdmeimscared

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#debatenight #imwithher #debate2016 #lovetrumpshate #hillary2016 #shewon

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Debate night was horrifyingly delicious. Clinton wore her white crouching tiger ninja suit to battle the orange squinty eyed squirrel lace front Chucky doll. Him: "such a Nasty Woman, Bad Hombres, blacks have no education or jobs and cant go to the corner store without being shot, Im overturning roe vs wade and punishing women who get their babies ripped out of them days before delivery in the 9th month, assault rifles and military weapons is a second amendment white right i will appoint justices to ensure it, no I wont concede or agree to a peaceful transition of power, Obama sent people to fight at my rallies and paid them 1,500 bucks, I didnt pay taxes because bitch you let me, oh and I'm Mr. Bigly little hands from now on, Bigly bitch, bigly! Her: yall heard him. Yup he said all that and more ramblings and his breath stinks, he got bubble gut and keeps farting. Ya might not like me too tough, i know…but look at this hot ass mess who was on celebrity apprentice while I was in the situation room taking out Bin Ladin. This bozo aint nowhere in my lane and yall know it so GO VOTE. …And scene #debatenight #dumptrump #vote #badhombres #nastywoman

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"Nobody has more respect for women than I do. Nobody." Inspired by last night's debate. #nastywoman #nevertrump

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#donaldjtrump #debate2016 #badhombres

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Will this one do? Uh huh, I know. #tbt #sorta #nastywoman #misshillary

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Adios #bigly #badhombres

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