PHOTOS: The Memes From That Depressing Presidential Debate Keep Getting Better


It’s been three days and we’re still recovering from Sunday’s horrific presidential debate.

In case you needed a recap: the Republican pervert and America’s last hope bickered back and forth for 93 commercial-free minutes about nothing particularly substantive or useful.

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The evening primarily consisted of Donald Trump accusing Hillary Clinton of being a fraudulent, woman-hating, ISIS-promoting devil with a heart “filled with hatred.” He also called America “stupid,” doubled down on the whole “locker room talk” excuse, and said he never encouraged people to look up a non-existent sex tape featuring a former Miss Universe winner, even though he did.

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Clinton, in turn, responded by calmly saying she was going to follow the advice of First Lady Michele Obama by taking the high road and not engaging in middle school taunts and name-calling.

It was a deeply depressing night, both for American politics and just in general. Thankfully, creative people on the Internet continue to find ways of fining to humor in it all.

Scroll down for more of our favorite memes from the presidential debacle…

Hide yo kids and hide Bill because Donald be grabbin' everybody crotches out here

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We all need to go to this church ASAP ?? #debate #electionyear

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We're gonna be sexy Donald Trump & sexy Kenneth Bone for Halloween this year ????@stockphotogasm

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WE FORGOT KENNETH! ? (collab with @zerofuxleft)

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And then, of course, there is this amazing, must-see video…