NC State Rep. Larry Brown Won’t Waste Taxpayer Cash Treating ‘Perverted Lifestyles’ With HIV

North Carolina’s State Rep. Larry Brown wants to cut off funding for adults with HIV, because really, they’re just a bunch of homos who “caused it by the way they live.” This man is adorable! Speaking to the Winston-Salem Journal about his hopes and dreams for the upcoming legislative session, Brown says he also wants to work on a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. But yeah, he definitely won’t “condone spending taxpayers’ money” on helping people “living in perverted lifestyles.” Not that he specifically meant gays or anything! He means any adult who contracts HIV through sex or drugs. Because just like smokers who bring lung cancer upon themselves, people who contract HIV are the ones at fault. Also: No more state funding for medical conditions like ulcers (stop stressing yourself out!), high blood pressure (stop eating so many burgers!), and diabetics (stop having bad genes!).