Nebraska Bill Would Block LGBT Protections In Omaha Anti-Discrimination Law

Omaha, the biggest city in Nebraska, is on the verge of instituting an anti-discrimination law that would include sexual orientation among other protected groups.

Of course this pisses off Sen. Beau McCoy (R-Lincoln) to no end, but since he has no authority on the city level, he’s heading it off at the pass by pushing LB 912, a measure in the Nebraska Legislature that would unify all discrimination laws in the state.

Since Nebraska doesn’t have LGBT protections statewide, the Omaha bill would be null and void.

Ooh, that sneaky bastard.

McCoy (right) says the point of his bill to end any inequality in civil-rights laws in the state: “If something is discrimination, why does it stop at the city line?” he tells The Daily Nebraskan. “If it is discrimination, it is discrimination anywhere.”

Exactly right, Mr. McCoy. So shouldn’t the state get in line with the broadest laws in its borders, rather than the other way around?

“It’s very clear that this was brought as an attempt to roadblock [the Omaha] ordinance,” said Shelley Kiel, president of Citizens for Equal Protection in Omaha. “We can talk around this all day and all night, but that is the intent of the legislation.”

LB 912 could also unravel sexual-orientation provisions on the books at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and the Omaha Public School Board, as well as protection against housing discrimination based on marital status and age in the city.

Wow, it’s getting pretty alarming how far homophobes will go to stifle any recognition or protection of the LGBT community. What’s next—shutting down schools that have GSAs?

Actually, forget we mentioned it.

Photos: Debe Soule, Ensign Beedrill

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  • Cam

    See, they lie and try to say it isn’t about hatred and bigotry…but their actions demonstrate that that is the only reason they do what they do.

  • HM

    There’s that (-R) after bigoted politician’s name again….gosh, I’m noticing a trend.

    And the scurry around wondering how it’s possible they have no hope at the White House this year………gee, that’s a toughy.

  • Torsten Adair
    (See right sidebar links for more articles on the topic.)

    Looks like it won’t get out of committee.

    Meanwhile, there’s the local LGBT survey which seems to support the Omaha bill, which failed to pass last time, but seems more likely now.

    Of course, two questions:
    Why live in Omaha, which is subject to the state constitutional ban on gay marriage and civil unions (the first state to pass such a measure, 70-30%, way back in 2000), when you can live across the river in Council Bluffs, Iowa, which allows gay marriage?

  • dvlaries

    Funny how all these ‘phobes seem to know where the worst wig shop is, isn’t it?

  • Danny

    He seems driven to harm other people’s GLBT children and grandchildren. Wonder if he’ll honor-kill his kids if they turn out GLBT, like in Turkey? I feel sorry for any kid growing up in his household.

  • Jase

    @Torsten Adair: Um, because Council Bluffs is a redneck white trash hick right wing shit hole that nobody would actually choose to live in.

  • Tony


    Although I’ll use kinder words than Jase, I’d agree with him. CB is… (well, see above)

    I live in Lincoln, and work at UNL’s LGTBQA Resource Center; this topic has been all the buzz there. But yeah, it’s not likely to go through, from what we’ve been hearing.

  • Mike

    @Torsten Adair: Because it’s council bluffs..

  • kawneekwa

    Beau McCoy anothu Repub homophobe. Is dis Haggard Law all ovuh agin?

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