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NEW MUSIC: One Direction Covers Blondie For Comic Relief

Ok, be honest: when I say to you, “British boy band One Direction have released a cover of Blondie’s ‘One Way Or Another,'” you’re like “Nuh-uh!” And then you’re probably like, “Is nothing sacred???” shaking your fist at the empty heavens. Yeah, that was totally my first reaction too! But, look, the single is for British charity Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day—where celebs in the U.K. wear red clown noses and do funny stuff to raise money for needy folks both at home and in Africa—so not only is it supposed to be ridiculous, it’s for a good cause. Also, the accompanying video—which the band shot themselves on tour so that they could give whatever money they would have spent on an expensive, big budget video directly to Comic Relief—is really pretty remarkably adorable and features a cameo by Prime Minister David Cameron! Somewhere, we hope Dame Debbie Harry is smiling in approval.