Hate Crime

New York police launch investigation into gay bashing of three men

Police in New York City continue to search for the perpetrators of a hate crime against three gay men. The attack, carried out in Brooklyn on May 2, left one man hospitalized and his companions with other injuries.

Law enforcement finally released images of the suspects on August 2, taken from surveillance cameras the night of the attack. According to reports, the two men pictured in the image began yelling anti-gay slurs at three gay men, aged 49, 51, and 52, before physically assaulting them. The 51-year-old victim suffered a serious injury after one of the suspects clobbered him in the head with a blunt object, knocking him unconscious.

The two other victims also suffered injuries in the attack.

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New York television station Pix 11 further reports that the police have released the images of the suspects in hopes that viewers can aid in their identification.

At the time of this writing, police have not given any update on the condition or injuries of the victims.

The search for the suspects in this case comes amid a spike in hate crimes perpetrated against gay men worldwide. Last month alone saw a gay couple pushed into oncoming traffic in an assault in Scotland. July also saw attacks on gay men in New York City and Spain in which both victims had their jaws smashed. Spain erupted in nationwide protests following the murder of a gay nurse in a hate crime, while a popular Irish TV host also reported being assaulted on the street.