Newly Out Matt Bomer Returns To TV With New Season Of White Collar

If you didn’t see enough of Matt Bomer in Magic Mike (not that there’s much left to see), the out hottie returns as Neal Caffrey on USA Network’s White Collar tonight at 9pm EST.

Above, a tragically shirted Bomer in several scenes from the debut episode. If you want to get caught up first, watch the Season 3 recap/Season 4 sneak peek below.

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  • Josh

    Shock, a Bomer Queerty post without snark and admitting he is out, a first! Congrats Queerty, maybe there is hope for you yet. Love Matt and White Collar.

  • Belize

    @Josh: Agreed. Progress noted. Good job, Queerty. :)

  • dvlaries

    I envy Bomer’s lover when they’re alone together, and feel sorry for him when they’re not: when your boyfriend is just about the most handsome man on earth right now, what goes through your mind when he leaves the house alone…?

  • Chris

    Admittedly it’s only two sentences, but queerty managed to get through those two sentences without snark, or condescension about his “out” status. Progress is progress.

  • Michael

    Actually they were snarky by calling him “newly” out. Dipshits.

  • Chris

    @Michael: Well, at least they are admitting that he is out, which for Queerty is progress. Considering the venom they usually spew his way, I was surprised.

  • Wendell

    Hot, classy, talented, perfect role model!

  • pscheck2

    I admire Matt for being who he is! He never denied his orientation; just quietly let people assume he was gay (it was common knowledge he was in a relationship with a man). And yet, this ‘knowledge’ about him did not affect his career! The chemistry between him and his co-star (Peter) is sheer magic. I think he wins over his female fans by being a ladies man and ‘balling’ the ladies of his choice! It is not unlike Cary Grant being a ladies man (in life and the movies) and having a stud lover in Randoph Scott (B western actor). A couple of the co-stars in “Magic Mike’ ought to take a page out of his book and come ‘clean!’

  • wanderer

    Loved the episode and LOVE Matt-so happy to see him doing well.
    And have to say that I truly appreciated seeing an article that reported on his work with (basically) no criticism of the man himself.
    HOW happy am I? I actually registered as a member; now don’t make me regret it!!!!LOL.

  • Dumdum

    @dvlaries: You say. ” I am the luckiest guy in the world cause Matt Bomer is my boyfriend.” Nana Nana Boo Boo stick your head in Doo Doo.

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