Nick Gruber To Get Big Image Remake From A PR Pro

nick-gruber-ruffskin-underwearFashion designer Calvin Klein has enlisted some high-level professional help to work on boyfriend Nick Gruber‘s “bad-boy” image, which follows Gruber’s fight last week on Fire Island, which was called a “blood bath.”

Gruber is being advised by publicist Matt Rich, who previously worked for Klein and who helped remodel Stephen Baldwin’s image, reports the NY Daily News.

At a premiere at MoMA on Wednesday night, the 22-year-old model appeared like “a deer caught in headlights as he tried to navigate his way down the red carpet,” and seemed a little nervous doing the carpet, according to an insider.

“He needed to be prompted by his publicist to look in the right direction and to make eye contact,” the source said. “It was obvious he’s green at this, and this was something he hadn’t done before.”

Gruber spoke with the press on Wednesday, but did not mention Klein or the East Hamptons incident (as instructed by Rich, of course). His next move involves social media and web and, hopefully, furthering his modeling career.

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  • Sohobod

    He looks as thick as shit.

  • Cam

    “Gruber is being advised by publicist Matt Rich, who previously worked for Klein and who helped remodel Stephen Baldwin’s image,”

    Um….saying that you helped remake Stephen Baldwin’s image isn’t exactly a great credential. Lets see, his image went from “Working Actor” to “Has-been”…yeah, really great work there.

    As for Gruber, why can’t Klein be like all the other wealthy guys and just give his prostitutes a credit card and an apartment.

  • Gigi Gee

    For some, THIS is the American dream. Famous for nothing. Famous for being infamous. Hitching your star onto someone else’s and then being chased around by paparazzi and the excoriated by gossip columnists who not-so-secretly wished that they had a bit of that spotlight. Then when they have a breakdown, a la Amanda Bynes, we cheer and jeer and pat ourselves on the back for being better than they. Kim Kardashian might have the stomach for it but she was raised by Mama Barracuda, and Mama B. taught her well.

  • JimboinLA

    Beyond the Calvinabra.

  • LaKeishaGutierrezArafat

    Send his ass to the projects or something. Let him start shit there, and see if he continues with his antics

  • balehead

    He’s still hawt….and your still jealous…

  • Kathukid

    No one gives a shit about this dumb as dirt gold digger.

  • Polaro

    When life give you opportunity – make the best of it. This goes for Nick, and the Beiber and Lindsay… Or to quote Ru Paul, because one should always attempt to quote Ru Paul, “Don’t fuck it up”.


    The fight did not happen on Fire Island, it happened in East Hampton.

  • susansylvester

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  • hudson

    @balehead: haha- you always freakin’ kill me. in a good way.

  • susansylvester

    only one time try

  • susansylvester

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  • Cam


    Jealous of what? I”m not getting what their is to be jealous over here. Somebody without the ability to support themselves, forced to sleep with somebody who looks like an extra from “The Walking Dead” and who is already making him get plastic surgery.

    Doesn’t sound like a fun time, sounds like having a crappy job with no weekends off.

  • Ron Jackson

    I’d give ’em one.

  • dvlaries

    It doesn’t matter who he hires if Gruber continues to presume he’ll always be unaccountable for his impulses. It’ll only end when Klein decides the bang isn’t the worth buck and needs his own rehabilitative PR to stop looking like such a fool.

  • Stache1

    @JimboinLA: Ah that’s cute. Very spot on. History repeating itself.

  • seaguy

    You Can Take Trash Out Of A Trailer Park, But It’s Still Just Trash.

  • JimboinLA

    @Stache1: We all have our moments!! I had just watched the movie for the second time and got how creepy it was supposed to be. Can’t believe no one else has thought of that, lol.

  • Horse Lips

    I tried as hard as I could but I just couldn’t possibly care any less.

  • Kangol

    “She ain’t nothing but a gold digger….”

  • Alice

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  • nerovenus

    Calvin Klein is a douche bag who preys on stupid men. His boy toys are generally 1/2 a gene above Downs!

  • Jayson


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