Nine Mousepads With Squeezable Man-Booty

chrom mousepadThe problem with internet porn, if we really have to nitpick, is that pictures of hunky men lack anything to actually physically squeeze. What’s to be done?

Mouse pads to the rescue! Apparently, it is a thing to make sexy mousepads with butt cheeks over the gel pads. (Or over the boobs, if you’re a lady-fancier.)

DeviantArtist Strobolights recently held a giveaway for a gel mousepad featuring Fire Emblem’s Chrom, offering the viewer a come-hither whimper. Those are some cheeks!

Fortunately, even if you missed the giveaway or Chrom’s not your type, there are plenty of other naughty mousepads to be had. Click through for a collection of our favorites.

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  • Vulpes

    #4 and #9 look like Sky High from Tiger & Bunny, #7 seems to be Kayneth from Fate/Zero.

  • balehead

    The obsession with underage youths continues….

  • Shadeaux

    Some of those are hilarious and some are just nasty. Is it really that serious!

  • trelin

    Isn’t #8 Flynn Rider (Eugene) from Tangled? Disney won’t be happy.

  • JDJase

    @balehead: Um, don’t see any reference to “underage youths” here, and none of the pictures look like “underage youths.” Big shock, you’re desperately making shit up so that you have SOMETHING to whine and complain about. You’re a disgusting POS

  • Trodkim

    #3 is Takeshi from Reborn Gaurdian of Rain lol

  • LandStander

    @balehead: Let me guess, you did not look at any but the first one? #1 is the only one in the bunch that looks even remotely possible to be underage. Remember, it is read/view -then- post, not the other way around :-)

  • Levior

    #3 Yamamoto Takeshi from Katekyo Hitman Reborn
    #4 Sky High from Tiger and Bunny
    #6 Kayneth El Melloi, from Fate/Zero

    Only one underage is #3.

  • Levior

    Oh, and #9 is also Sky High (Keith Goodman)

  • princecharmling

    @trelin: that is Tiger from the series Tiger and Bunny. looks similar to Flynn but totally different continents.

  • tarutan

    They need to make a set of these for the jiggly butt gang from fairy tail lol

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