NOM is keeping silent on its unholy alliance with anti-gay pastor Ken Hutcherson, who is leading the charge to get gay marriage repealed on the ballot in Washington state.

Now, Hutcherson might be black, but he has a strange way of rationalizing the fact that he couldn’t get interacially married until the 60s with the fact that gay people still can’t get married (see minute 37 of this PBS doc):

“There is no guarantee that a homosexual was born that way. I guarantee you I was born this way. I was born black, I’m living black, and I’m going to die black. We found out that there’s a criminal gene in some people. But do you know how to get rid of the criminal gene? Two parents with a belt. [laughs] Discipline, understanding, good parenting removes the homosexual gene.”

Wait, so there’s no proof we were born this way, but then there is evidence of a homosexual gene? Contradiction in terms much, Hutch?

Scott Rose over at Pam’s House Blend is fighting fire with fire, saying that “for a pastor to promote domestic violence is horrifying.” Rose even get Hutcherson a call:

I spoke with Ken Hutcherson for this article. He started by alleging that the TV interview had been spliced, to make it appear he was saying things he had not actually said. However, in alleging that, he was being duplicitous. The grotesque anti-gay bigot is so blinded by his gay-bashing ignorance, that he is not even able to understand how ignorant he is.

It’s no surprise that Hutcherson would blame this on the spin-zone media, but it is surprising that when Rose reached out to the highest level of NOM administrators, nobody responded.

Because the National Organization for Marriage is collaborating with Hutcherson in Washington State, and frequently posts his gay-bashing statements approvingly on NOM’s blog, NOM, if it will not condemn his calls for domestic violence against LGBTers, is complicit in those calls for domestic violence.

I requested comment from NOM’s Founder, Chairman Emeritus, and mastermind the Princeton Professor Robert George.  I received no reply. The e-mail was copied to NOM’s Maggie Gallagher, Brian Brown and John Eastman. Additionally, it was copied to Princeton President Shirley M. Tilghman, who permits George to publish gay-bashing lies with the Princeton name attached, even though doing so violates Princeton’s Code of Conduct.

Queerty put in a call to Maggie Gallagher, who has responded to us in the past, to see if she thinks Rose’s accusation that their alliance with Hutcherson is tantamount to condoning child abuse. We’ll let you know what we hear back.

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