Dining in the buff

Nudists May Soon Have To Cover Up In SF Area Eateries

2011-08-14 San Francisco 133 Transamerica Pyramid from Montgomery StreetSome folks in San Francisco’s Castro district like to stroll around nude, sit bare-assed in public restaurants, and enjoy a meal while their genitals air out. But contrary to his name, City Supervisor Scott Wiener is not happy about seeing people’s junk while eating—he’s proposed a law that would require nudists to cover their lower bits and place a barrier between their cheeks and the seat in any restaurant.

He says it’s strictly for reasons of health and sanitation but at least one local nudist wants Weiner to keep his “conservative” laws off his body. Eric Anderson said, “Anyone who has a problem seeing people in the buff need to take a closer look at their own issues with body image.”

Or a closer look at their sandwich to avoid having to see Mr. Anderson’s low hangers.

One Castro resident says that the nudists simply discourage people from partaking in local commerce while another has more of a problem with the local meth heads than she does with nekkid people.

Strangely, it’s completely okay to be nude in San Fran as long as you’re not aroused. Hard penises constitute public lewdness whereas floppy cocks are just good-humored fun.


Image via  Allie_Caulfield

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