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Obama Heckled at Barbara Boxer Fundraiser Over DADT By GetEQUAL’s Kip Williams

“Maybe he didn’t read the newspapers,,” says Obama of the screaming person, “because we’re working with Congress as we speak to roll back ‘don’t ask, don’t tell.’” LOL. Update: It was GetEQUAL’s Kip Williams!

He writes in an email to supporters: “President Obama’s response was disheartening. As the police detained and escorted me out of the room, he told the crowd that I don’t read the newspapers. Otherwise, he said, I would know that he’s been working with Congress to move on the issue very soon. But I do read the newspapers, and while it is imperative to pass this bill, it just doesn’t go far enough. As long as lesbian and gay servicemembers are being discharged, we still have a problem – and this bill doesn’t tell us if or when those discharges are going to stop.”


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  • whatever

    I’m sure the queerty headquarters are covered in jizz with all of you jacking it to this news.

  • gaylib

    How refreshing to hear Obama actually tell the truth for once. He IS working to repeal DADt–and push the reset button back to 1992. The Pentagon will be allowed to discriminate at will when it comes to gays and lesbians. Obama knows that repeal of DADT is meaningless unless it is replaced with an order banning discharges for being gay, but he just wants to be able to say he repealed it. He doesn’t really CARE about the reality of it. and btw, who were we negotiating a compromise with in the first place? Certainly not the Dem Sens Nelson, Webb or Byrd–they’re still voting no. I guess it was the administration itself. Now why would we have to compromise on an issue that is supported by 75% of the country with our supposed “fierce advocate”?

  • Jason_Activist

    We are going to keep DEMANDING until Obama respects us. GetEQUAL will not let up until America undertands we are SERIOUS.

    Obama should do a repeal tomorrow. A real one. Otherwise he is going to have to endure our attacks at EVERY event he has.

    DEMANDING = Rights.

  • Cindy

    I’m glad Obama put the stupid heckler in their place. What is he? a third grader? Joe Wilson? you don’t give respect, you don’t get respect back. No wonder everyone booed at the heckler,

  • Jason_Activist

    @gaylib: You miss the point.

    We got this “compromise” because Dan Choi risked his life. More of us need to be willing to risk our lives. Pull out all the stops. We won’t get anything without DEMANDING. Negotiating is for HRC – demanding is for real men.

    Get off your asses and become an Activist or support one. Donate to GetEQUAL and ride the path to victory.

    America is finally taking us seriously. We just need to get louder. Rise up – get in the streets and don’t compromise. We want it all and we want it NOW.


    @Jason_Activist: America is not finally taking us seriously, I mean do you live in America? We are still hated and now people are even vocal about it. Being “stupidly” loud at an ally is taking us backwards not forward. Do you really think the heckler helped accomplish anything by yelling at the president? I know his intentions might have been good, but if you pull a Joe wilson, you get a Joe Wilson treatment.

  • FunMe

    Sometimes you have to make a lot of noise to get attention. I applaud GetEqual for doing something to get our elected officials to do something for our EQUALITY.

    Trust me, if it weren’t for GetEqual, we wouldn’t be discussing our rights.

    Instead, we would still be doing the stupid “champagne & caviar party at The White House” that Obama is so known for giving to tell HRC and the “good gays” to STFU.

    Anyone who believes the DADT is a “compromise” is living in FANTASYLAND.

    I for one prefer to fight for our equality and support others like GetEqual who are helping the cause. Others who complain (like a few her) … who cares about what you say. Join the fight or get out of the way. The train has left the station.

    Repeal DADT now!

  • gaylib

    @Jason_Activist: I am all for activism and applaud get equal’s in your face brand of activism. If this compromise is a result of that activism, we must make it clear that it is nowhere near good enough. We need to say NO to the compromise and keep the pressure up. And bobby, I agree, if you give no respect, you don’t deserve any. And Obama doesn’t deserve a bit of respect from our community.

  • Republican


    Right on.

  • Bobby

    @gaylib: Then how can we expect respect from him or anyone else if we don’t respect him.I mean we are the one’s who need him, not the other way round.

  • gaylib

    @Bobby: respect isn’t based on whether you need someone or not, it is about character. Respect is also a two way street. Obama has shown nothing but contempt for the gay community since campaigning with Donnie McClurkin in the SC primary. Making promises to us in exchange for money and votes and then shitting all over our civil rights is not what I call respect either. You get what you give, and Obama’s getting what’s coming to him. Furthermore, the fact that he’s a whiny, petulant baby in the face of criticism is beneath the office that he holds.

  • Andrew

    You are all so content to bash Obama. Let’s just wait till we are living under a Palin presidency. Then we’ll see how quick you guys are too keep looking back on these days as bad.

  • Truth B. Told

    @gaylib: Oh, pahleeeze, “Bobby”, do you really believe that? The Dems come begging to us, with both greedy sweaty hands snatching out, for votes and for money, every election cycle. They “don’t need us”? That BS, and you know it!

    But, ask any other minority if they would still kiss the asses of any political party that as much as told them to shut up and get back to the end of the line after that minority had given so much of their support to them for so many years and received so very little in return. It wouldn’t happen.

    Face it, if the Black and Hispanic population was treated like this (just as in the 1960s) there would be whole cities set ablaze in angry protest. Yet, we are not allowed a few angry voices at a fund-raiser, for christsakes, to put a little bur of discontent under Obama’s and the Democrats’ apathetic, do nothing, fat asses?

    No, of course not, according to the Uncle Tom’s in the GLBT community, we should stay very, verrrrry quiet, with our hands in our laps like battered little housewives and not give voice to our continued dehumanization by the obnoxious status quo in this ethically backassward and morally third-rate country called the un-United States of America.

    America has become the modern equivalent of South Africa of the 1980s. The civilized world should turn its back in disgust at the U.S. and refuse to associate with it until America stops abusing the human rights of its own citizens.

  • Cam

    No. 4 · Cindy
    I’m glad Obama put the stupid heckler in their place. What is he? a third grader? Joe Wilson? you don’t give respect, you don’t get respect back. No wonder everyone booed at the heckler,

    You’re right Cindy, how wrong of him to get upset that The White House said there would be NO repeal of DADT this year, and yet because of protests and pressure on Congress a DADT repeal looked like it was coming, and then the White House Stepped in and put barricades on the issue, called it a compromise but in relaity delayed it. How dare somebody get upset by that. Oh by the way Cindy, the reason that Congress finally got off it’s ass to do something about DADT is because of people like this heckler. I’m sure if women couldn’t vote and this heckler was protesting the lack of women voting you would be cheering them on wouldn’t you?

  • whatever

    @Truth B. Told: Lot’s of exaggeration in your post. To say US is like SA during apartheid in the 1980s demeans the apartheid experience for millions.

    I can’t fight in imperialistic wars or get married in most states. But I can do most everything else. Let’s can the hyperbole, please.

  • JamieMcG

    @Bobby: Kip happens to be someone who has shown a great deal of respect to Obama. he pounded the pavement and traveled the country in 2008 campaigning hard to get Obama elected based on the promises Obama made. One of those promises was repealing DADT in his first year in office. We’re now looking at it happening in his 3rd year – IF that happens. He also promised to repeal DOMA, which has not been mentioned since he was taking millions from the LGBT community so he could get elected. Let’s not talk about respect, eh?

  • christopher di spirito

    Poor Barry. Everytime he sets foot in California, he’s reminded why we voted for him and what we expect: fulfill his damned campaign pledge to repeal both DADT and DOMA.

    Until this happens, he should be heckled.

    If he can’t deal with it, stay out of California because the Golden State ain’t Washington DC — a place overflowing with champagne queers from the HRC ready to kiss his ass.

  • Mark my Words

    Kip Williams is a self-absorbed promoter. He gets paid $90,000 a year to make us look foolish.

    GetEQUAL didn’t start any kind of movement. Of the 20 million LGBT person in the US, about 20 are acting like this.

    This doesn’t help us and it likely hurts us. Somebody make him stop. He’ll probably take hostages soon or start making bombs.

  • Andy

    @Mark my Words: So what should anyone do if they aren’t pleased by the lack of action on his promises?

  • DR (the real one, not the guy who made post #12)

    Obama acts like we should be grateful for an amendment which:

    -has no protections in place for GLB soldiers, airmen, sailors, or marines.
    -is not a repeal by law which means, as was noted by the Palm Center, it’s left open to be “fixed” by a future Republican
    -does not amend the UCMJ to get rid of sodomy statutes or legalize sexual encounters between two consenting adults
    -establishes no real time frame for DADT to be taken off the books, since it leaves everything to two guys I don’t recall electing
    -leaves unfettered authority in the hands of the Pentagon when it comes to discharges. Been there, done that!

    He deserves to be heckled, and so do all the folks who try to sell this nonsense to the community. We need to be smarter than this, not accepting compromises which screw us in the long run. A compromise would be something which offers some benefit to the GLB community; this offers us 1992 all over again. Where’s the benefit in that?

  • christopher di spirito

    Oh no! Two Obama bots didn’t like my comments admonishing the great and powerful “O”-Man! FOFLMAO!

  • CJ

    Obama wouldn’t be joking about equality if it affected HIM.

    He is sure having fun making light of this. But, to many, repeal of DADT is not laughing matter.

    The joke = Obama is a fierce advocate of LGBT rights.

    This pseudo-repeal of DADT basically moves us forward with further delay.

    Real civil rights for everyone isn’t about half-hearted gestures and political posturing.

  • Cam

    Oh Please,

    Love that the two Obama Bots are named Bobby and Cindy, whats wrong, were Marcia and Jan busy today?

    In keeping with #23 CJ’s post, you can damn well bet that if Michelle Obama’s brother was gay, or if Obama had a gay brother, DADT and DOMA would have been gone in his first month in office.

  • Kent

    Bobby and Cindy are probably 2 paid Obushma trolls.


    Where are the security services in this? If I were heading them I’d make that fool of a heckler disappear!

  • AndrewW

    The Exxon Mobil annual shareholders Meeting was today:

    Last year 40% of shareholders voted in favor of “partner benefits.”

    This year 22% of shareholders voted in favor of “partner benefits.”

    Almost HALF the support we had the previous year.

    For the previous 6 years in a row we made progress. This year, we were all treated to GetEQUAL’s childish “Dump the Pump”,/b> protest, which sought to inconvenience people AT A CONVENIENCE STORE, another senseless act of demanding.

    People do not respond favorably to complaining and that is GetEQUAL’s only strategy. We need to fully understand the dynamics of this over-the-top heckling, embarrassing stunts and pissing on our friends. It is counterproductive.

    Kip Williams claimed in his email to Michael Petrellis that
    “activists participating in the actions were volunteers” and that “none of them were paid.” Then we learn that both Robin McGehee and Kip Williams are PAID ($89,999 /Year) and both have been arrested.

    I have asked a dozen times for someone, anyone, to please connect the dots about the logic of these stunts. They are not civil disobedience. They are not rallies of support. They are high-profile complaining stunts purportedly to “apply pressure” on their targets. That is silly.

    We should recognize the potential damage being created by these loose cannons. GetEQUAL has a responsibility to make some sense of their strategy. We do not need to run around complaining, embarrassing and insulting.

    These “actions” don’t change any minds or garner any support.

  • jack

    I don’t think interrupting a speech is an effective way to move this forward. The teabagger model of [dis]engagement is not one to be emulated.

    It’s so easy to sit behind our computer screens and lecture Obama that he could make this change today. It’s another to put yourself in his shoes for a minute and try to understand what he faces with each step and move he makes – as well as the difficult issues on his desk every morning. How long did it take to get some sort of health care reform moving, and how was it blocked at every turn?

    A previous commentator here wrote: “Obama has shown nothing but contempt for the gay community…shitting all over our civil rights…” This is vile language and does not accurately reflect his record. To me its the equivalent of a misspelled sign with a Hitler mustache on it. Gross.

  • B

    Kip Williams, according to QUEERTY, wrote in an email to supporters: “President Obama’s response was disheartening. As the police detained and escorted me out of the room, he told the crowd that I don’t read the newspapers.”

    Apparently Mr. Williams doesn’t use other news sources either! The video QUEERTY provided above showed Obama joking that Mr. Williams didn’t read the newspapers, but then Obama added that he thought Mr. Williams actually does read them because his heart wasn’t in his protest. Obama also stated that it takes time to get things through congress. He should know – he used to be a senator.

    I’d agree that progress is annoyingly slow, but it’s really a consequence of how our system of government was set up. They tried to make it difficult to make a mistake, which unfortunately also means it is difficult to undo a mistake.

    Of the two, Obama came out ahead. Williams just sounded like a jerk (judging purely from his voice in the video) and Obama just acted unflappable and joked about it. It would be even funnier if they had a contingency plan for Williams and popped a humorous response up on the teleprompter!

  • jack

    Wondering why my comment was flagged as SPAM and not posted here (it should be #28). Except for quoting some gutter language from another post – which is still on this page above – there was nothing that went against the terms of service. Disappointing.

  • Bill Perdue

    @Mark my Words: = AndrewW and about forty other aliases some and very tired DNC-Obot rhetoric.

    @whatever: The US, under every president in the last 40 years, including Obama, is without question as morally repugnant as the RSA under the Nationalists.

    Tens of thousands will die unnecessarily because Obama sold us out with his HMO-BigPhamra-insurance giveaway.

    Every year thousands of workers are killed on the job because the Clintons, Bush and Obama are the lap dogs of industry. It was 5,214 on 2008.

    “The United States has less than 5 percent of the world’s population. But it has almost a quarter of the world’s prisoners.” That’s because of racist laws targeting blacks whose rate of imprisonment is 6.5 times that of Euroamerican males and 2.5 that of Hispanic males. Black males also face execution approximately 4.5 times more than Euroamerican.

    American workers and conusmers are treated with cold, uncaring contempt by the Clintons, the Bushes and Obama. Katrina, cuts on social spending and Obama’s refusal to use the Navy to cap the Gulf spill are all examples. So is the deregulation and mollycoddling of corporate predators, especially by Obama with TARP and Clinton with deregulationa and NAFTA.

    The US government is far worse than the SA government when it comes to genocide and colonialism, simply because it’s far stronger.

    @Kent: There are a lot of DNC trolls who comment regularly at Queerty and other GLBT sites. They downplay criticism of Obama and the Democrats, support delays in implementing our agenda and engage in personal attacks on critics or bigotry. So do the religion trolls, but for different reasons.

    With Democrats like these who needs enemies.

  • Activist4Hire

    Activists Needed!

    Heckle the President and interrupt meetings in Washington D.C.

    Informal attire. Tie-dyed shirts and sandals are okay.

    Must be able to rhyme and shout (at the same time).

    Salary: $89,999 per year *plus travel expenses

    Apply @

  • jeffree

    @Activist4Hire_AKA_AndrewW: AndrewW: well at least you have a sense of humor with your sockpuppet of the day… you did make me laugh. Thanks!

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