OK Fourth State To Ban Processing Of Military Benefits For Same-Sex Couples

When do states’ concerns trump military commands? When it comes to marriage equality, of course.

Oklahoma is the latest state to decide that it doesn’t care what the Pentagon says it has to do. Gov, Mary Fallin (Republican, as if you had to ask) has ordered the state National Guard not to process benefits request for same-sex couples. This makes Oklahoma the fourth state — after those other beacons of progress Texas, Mississippi and Louisiana — to disobey a federal directive requiring the state to grant same-sex military couples the same privileges as any other married couple.

Fallin went one better than her southern peers, however. She is overriding a decision by the state National Guard to process these requests. In fact, two couples have already had their requests for benefits processed through the state National Guard.

Fallin’s spokesman Alex Weintz says that she’s just following the will of the people, which apparently includes flouting military commands. Unsurprisingly, the state bans same-sex marriages.

“Because of that prohibition, Gov. Fallin’s general counsel has advised the National Guard not to process requests for benefits of same-sex couples,” Weintz said. 

Couples seeking benefits can still apply for them at federal military bases, which may be a lot less convenient to get to. The base that Weintz suggested gay personnel visit, Tinker Air Force Base, is more than 100 miles from Tulsa.

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  • 2eo

    Isn’t going against the wishes of the nation an act of sedition, and by extension terrorism?

  • Jake357

    What a petty little twat. Just deal with it already, woman. I can’t imagine you and your inbred little state are tossing and turning so much at night, unable to sleep for the handful of same-sex couples applying. What a twisted, tortured jungle your little fascist minds must be.

  • jwrappaport

    @2eo: Only if a secret court and the executive say so.

  • Deepdow

    People of her sort often complain, stupidly, of sharia law becoming policy in the U.S.A., but there she is – this smiling bigot – wearing a christian cross necklace. Obviously, it’s meant to imply symbolically that not only is she in a position of power, but that despite the separation of church and state in this country, she plans on always using the dogma of her faith to rule and legislate.
    Ugh, these fucking hypocrites.

  • 2eo

    @jwrappaport: If we show that the American right has used chemical weapons and attacks on its own people at least 5 times will the Obama administration instigate an invasion of America?

  • mlbumiller

    so how can a governor of ok and her general council re-define any policy of DOD which OK Army National Guard which is part of? Maybe the next time a tornado rips though the state, the National Guard should just stand back and let the governor deal with the problem.

  • Kevin

    I say we burn that state to the ground! I’m bitter

  • Robby

    Great job Gov Falin homos should not be allowed to protect this great nation of ours totally disgusting they are sick vile pesticides that should be wiped off the face of the earth any gay in the military should have a firing squad take care of them

  • Deepdow


    You best be trollin bro

  • Musk

    I wonder how fast Oklahomazoids would turn progressive, if the Pentagon said,“OK, let’s load up the truck and spend our money somewhere else.” Faster than a speeding bullet? Faster than the speed of light? Faster than the speed of sound?

  • queerty1958

    They should ban processing of her paycheck immediately!

  • queerty1958

    @Robby: You first, asshole!

  • Elloreigh

    How long before Michigan follows suit?

  • erasure25

    @Robby: You must be one of them low information voters the GOP loves. In other words, low IQ voter. Good luck surviving in the 21st century. I doubt your minimum wage WalMart job will cut it…

  • mdventura

    Dearest Gov., please note that your bleached hair, ton of foundation make-up and many days spent in the dental chair do not camouflage the generations of ill-bred folk (or cattle) from which you were sired. The cross may win votes in your backward circles but if you’re wearing your religion, you should be living it also. You define what was once known as “the Ugly American.”

  • mdventura

    The first documented report of patient-to-patient transmission of Hepatitis C was announced yesterday – and it took place in good ol’ OK. It seems to me that the Gov. should be looking at ways to institute and improve the healthcare inspections in her state, rather than chasing personal issues that effect her re-election possibilities. Don’t pander to the public – improve their living conditions.

  • MK Ultra

    She’s had multiple unsuccessful plastic surgeries that have left her looking like an angry reptile. I hear she devours her own young whole!

  • hanrahanjude

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  • Bumper

    I’ve lived in OKC for the last seven years. I’m done. Moving to Maryland next month. Getting married and will finally be less of a second class citizen.

  • Rob Moore

    Foul toad in a foul state. I had to spend more months than I would care to remember working on a project in that flat, pit hole. It was in the summer in 1990. The food sucked, even the airport sucked. I did, however, hook up with a good looking, married farmer with a bad case of helium ankles.

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