Olympic Diver Chris Mears Strips Down For “Winq” Magazine’s Debut Issue

tumblr_n1bebqSu581qb6fdlo7_500Olympic diving twink and occasional gay-friendly ass-flasher Chris Mears is disrobing for your pleasure again, this time appearing in a steamy photoshoot for the debut of Winq magazine.

Though he identifies as straight, Mears admitted to “trying to steal” Tom Daley‘s gay fan base in the January 2013 issue of Gay Times magazine, for which he posed completely nude. He’s no prude, either — “I’ve had a couple of funny suggestions [on Twitter],” he said, “normally guys asking for foursomes with me, Tom [Daley] and Jack Laugher.” (Excuse me while I take a mental snapshot and retreat to the bathroom for a few minutes.)

Aside from putting this beautiful man’s body on full display, the inaugural issue of Winq also includes interviews with Jared Leto and coverboy Boy George.

But back to Chris Mears….

And the shots you’ve been waiting for:

IMG_3020 -Chris-Mears-Daniel-Jaems-Winq








And a few more for those of you that still can’t shake the thought of a Daley/Laugher/Mears threesome:




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  • crowebobby

    At first, I thought it was Mears who made the crack about “taking a mental picture and retiring to the bathroom.” That would have been quite titillating.

  • balehead

    Way hotter than Daley…..

  • dougmc92

    the 3 of them never hang out anymore…there was the British nationals last month- usually when the 3 of them are at the same competiton- there are a dozen pics the take together and tweet/instagram out- lately- NOTHING- Lately as in since Tom kinda sorta came out (until he uses the word gay/bi…..he hasn’t quite fully)…Chris and Jack don’t even mention Tom in any posts, etc- just seems weird- maybe the bf has split them up- no time for fun young guys when you’re trying to tackle the Hollywood literary crowd.

  • Bonny1986

    Both Chris and Jack gave Tom their full support when he came out but I agree that it’s only “old” pics of them we see now a days. Tom may as well “come out” as gay now. DLB has made him 100%gay – he will never bed a girl again (if he ever have?)He said in the Ross-show that he was mostly rejected when it came to female approach. Friends of DLB said he was besotted in DLB and after running off with DLB to the gaynightclub GAY after the first Splash2014 show and all the pics of different thing Tom has done for DLB since he came out there should not be any doubt that he is GAY. Bare in mind DLB’s reputation – I do not belive they are playing with Dinkytoys.

  • unbiasedparrot

    Chris and Jack are certainly attractive but i much prefer Tom. He’s just dreamy. Both Chris and Jack are great guys and always supported Tom and embraced their gay fans.

  • capsule

    Funny how people here always complain about Tom Daley topics yet they feel the need to talk about Tom in a toipc about someone else. Many people on this site are obsessed with Tom Daley – deny it all you want. Chris and Tom are both good-looking guys, but I’m a fan of Tom because of his charming personality and pure talent.

  • Sweet Boy

    He can come and dive…into my bed…and I would dive…deep into his buns

  • Paul F

    Guess I shouldn’t be quite so ashamed to have my trench of a surgical scar showing in my pictures. It doesn’t hurt his looks at all. The only good thing I can say about my scar is the following innuendo; Hey did you see those nude photos of Chris Mears? Mine’s way bigger! (We’ll just leave out the bit about WHAT’s bigger.)

  • Doughosier

    Chris Mears has a beautiful face as well as body. Tom daley is cute. Chris is gorgeous.

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