One Direction’s Harry Styles Tweets Support For Equal Rights

Harry-StylesFred and Shirley Phelps finally found a ride to last night’s One Direction concert in Kansas City, Missouri, where they spent the evening behind police barricades in the parking lot, yelling obscenities and ordering 12-year-old girls to burn in Hell for their fag-enabling ways.

The WBC announced last month that they’d be at the concert protesting “fag enabling perverts” One Direction because they “grab each other’s asses on stage.” They’re not the first people to drive across state lines to see such an act, but definitely the most insane.

The small group of sign-toting folks were mostly ignored by the throngs of teenage fans excitedly running past them, and were promptly pushed back into place after crossing the picket line once (presumably because omg was that Zayn and Liam over there?! Oh my god mom, I’m going to DIE!).

No big deal for the band, though. After learning about the controversy, frontman Harry Styles tweeted the following message supporting equal rights:

Swooooon. These boys can do no wrong.