One Million Moms Doesn’t Want You To See NBC’s The New Normal

We’re totally stoked for Ryan Murphy’s upcoming NBC comedy, The New Normal, which sees a pair of expectant gay dads trying to get along with the surrogate carrying their baby.

But One Million Moms, the inaptly named right-wing group that threw a fit over JC Penney and Macy’s pro-gay initiatives, has the show in its sites.

“NBC is using public airwaves to continue to subject families to the decay of morals and values, and the sanctity of marriage in attempting to redefine marriage. OMM is prepared to contact any and all sponsors of this program if it is aired.” the group said in a statement. “Millions of Americans strongly believe that marriage should be between one man and one woman. NBC’s The New Normal is attempting to desensitize America and our children. It is the opposite of how families are designed and created.”

The group claimed its threats work, citing its stance against NBC’s The Playboy Club as having scared off advertisers and got the network to yank it off the air. Right, the abysmal rating and critical drubbings had nothing to do with it.

Can we get OMM alone in a room with New Normal co-stars Ellen Barkin and NeNe Leakes? We feel confident these ladies could set them straight (as it were).

The New Normal debuts Tuesday, September 11, at 9:30pm on NBC.


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  • Analog

    They’re not 1 million moms, they’re just a few hundred nutters, most of which are probably men.
    Seriously, they’re so clearly thick, would they even be able to count past 100?
    They secretly worship the banana, as it’s a non-homosexual fruit that’s good for the kiddies and it looks like a phallus but doesn’t excrete any of those nasty sex juices.
    I’m thinking of joining, but Scientology has more perks (all those closeted gays with sexy robotic stares bonking each other).
    They don’t worship any kind of fruit at all, which is a bummer, but they do revere Tom Cruise and David Miscarriage, who are both vegetables, so…

  • MikeE

    let’s see, if “millions of Americans” strongly believe as they say, that could mean.. one million… or two million… sounds like a lot… could even be 5 million… and in the final analysis, that’s still barely over 1% of the population.

  • Mark

    hey 45,000 moms, or whatever your Facebook followers say – there’s an off button on the television – use it!!!

  • Analog

    They do seem to spend a lot of their time watching these horrifying shows about gay people and writing banal crap all over the internet.
    I worry about their children.
    They can’t have much time for them.
    Won’t someone there please think of the children!!??

  • Gary Indianna

    Isn’t One Million Moms just a facebook group? Do they even have a website?

  • kayo

    I’m sick of the “sanctity of marriage”. Marriage and your f*ckin traditions are not that special sweethearts.

  • Janus

    @Mark: @Analog: Funny (>•~)

  • LaTeesha

    While OMM is essentially a cluster of psychotic, lonely women with no life, this show doesn’t look much better than NBC’s last attempt at this subject matter. In 2005, NBC aired a medical drama called “Inconceivable” which focused on the professional and personal lives of a group of people working at a fertility clinic. It lasted two episodes and was cancelled.

  • Shadeaux

    I wish those bitches would because everyone would then know my name.

  • UsualPlayers

    Its a family sit com by Ryan Murphy. Not a drama about conception. It will likely too fairly well.

  • FreddyMertz

    Have they had this much venom over Fox’s Glee, American Dad, Family Guy? There are many shows now that have gay characters…man, guess they won’t be watching teevee soon. lol

  • Drew

    Who wants to watch anything having to do with the homophobic Ryan Murphy? Glee is bad enough with it’s highly homophobic stereotypes.

  • Truth Wins

    The hate and free publicity will help the show do better. A lot more people will watch now, probably some within the households of the (alleged) one million moms.

  • jj

    Someone should sue these dried up old cunts for misrepresentation. Last i checked 45000 isnt a million.

  • jj

    Someone should sue these dried up old Kunts for misrepresentation. Last I check 45000 is a million

  • jj

    Checked* I’snt* damn queert moderation crap made me rewrite my cunnnnt with a K.

  • UsualPlayers

    If I had said Daffy Duck wrote the show, there would have been a comment after saying how homophobic Daffy Duck is. I mean- are you even trying this point with the fake comments?

  • Paul Jenkins

    One million kunty loons. I can’t WAIT to watch this show. the previews alone make our family smile.

  • akeloric

    I’m not much for television, too damn many commercials these days.
    I remember when a one hour show was over 50 minutes in length rather than a mere 35 minutes in order to put enough commercials in.
    Even so, I might have to start adding a few more shows to my DVR.
    (I can fast forward on my DVR. Worlds greatest technological advancement.)

    In any event, ‘one million moms’ as an organization is more like about 9 venomous kunts tryingh to ruin everyone’s life.
    An image which should be somewhat familiar.
    AFA,NOM, etc.
    All essentially TINY groups claiming massive followings.
    They do seem to have a great difficulty actually PRESENTING those ‘large followings’ to public scrutiny however.
    Despite a few ‘illegally anonymous’ donors, they really have nothing.
    If only they no longer had their donors, they’d vanish in a few days.

  • Dave

    Suprised they have not been up in the air over Modern family, the top rated comedy that has a gay couple who adopted a child and is expecting another from a surrogate?????

  • iDavid

    These chicks obviously aren’t getting any at home. Is that gays fault their hubbys are out batting on our team on the DL?

    With America over the 50% mark in support of gay marriage, it would seem these dried up prunes are losing their fake finger nails as they slide down the ever tipping teater todder of justice, right into the crap filled right wing toilet right along with Maggie Gallagher.

  • Mangina

    I’m watching it since this group hates it!

  • ForgiveThemForTheyKnowNotWhatTheyDo

    How many of you believe in evolution?

    ok.. now tell me, since evolution is basically the advancement of strongest of the species what is the purpose of same sex relationships when obviously they serve no purpose for advancement. Homosexual men and women cannot have children on their own so, essentially, being homosexual is a species trying to eliminate itself, right. So why should the weaker part of the species be allowed to adopt children.. and additionally, why is the homosexual agenda being shoved down our throats when only 4% of the population is considered gay. Why isn’t their an agenda for Asian Americans, there are 12% in the US.

  • Riley

    One million moms? More like 40,000 middle aged, overweight housewives with no sex lives. Oh, just for your information, The One Million Morons group is run, by a MAN.

  • James


    Highly homophobic stereotypes? I think it’s an extremely harsh and unfair way to put it though it is true to some degree. Yes, some characters–such as Kurt–may show stereotypical tendencies, but, he is also a well fleshed-out and reasonably complex character. The reality of stereotypes is that some people fit them; the question that should be asked is whether or not the characters move past that and transcend the stereotype.

  • unclemike

    @ForgiveThemForTheyKnowNotWhatTheyDo: If we’re only 4% of the population, how in the world can we affect much of anything in your tiny, bubble-wrapped, bigoted world? Fuck off and go back to your lonely, orgasm-less nonlife and stop trolling gay sites, maggot.

  • Global Traveler

    So why should the weaker part of the species be allowed to adopt children.. and additionally, why is the homosexual agenda being shoved down our throats when only 4% of the population is considered gay.

    I’ll skip pointing out the fallacies in your theory on evolution and get right to the math. Assuming that you’re right, and that only 4% of the population is gay (a number most credible social scientists would say is low….but giving you the benefit of the doubt…) that would mean that out of the 350 million citizens of the US 14 million of them are gay. So I would say that the rights of 14 million people deserve some consideration.

    As far as being the weaker of the species, I doubt that you’d have the balls to say that in any gym that I go to. You’d get your ignorant, misinformed ass kicked.

  • Lyceius

    @ForgiveThemForTheyKnowNotWhatTheyDo: Are you retarded?

    Homosexuals are not their own species so they can not be possibly “Trying to eliminate themselves” Last I checked we were all born from straight relationships so therefore there will be no dying out.

    Secondly about evolution. It could be slightly possible that Homosexuals are a cog in Evolution to stop the overpopulation of an already very populated planet. And since you breeders cant stop having children you either do not want, abuse, or can’t take care of properly it is good that there are many loving homes of homosexual couples these kids can grow up in and be taken care of and loved.

    Your whole post reeks of ignorance trying to be painted with intelligence.

  • BlogShag

    Oh no, we can’t see portrayal of a gay couple living a normal life can we? But we can see all the grotesque violence and stupid ‘reality’ show drama from other shows that we seem to want

  • Carl

    @ForgiveThemForTheyKnowNotWhatTheyDo: If they’re adopting children their genes won’t be passed on, duh. They let morons why you breed so I’m not seeing an issue.

  • jaded


    1. It’s 10 percent.
    2. G-d does not make junk so if you have a problem with homosexuality or lesbianism blame G-d.
    3. Why do you have to shove your Christianity down my throat?!
    4. FOAD.

  • Matt

    THIS show looks fun. Can’t wait to support it!

  • Adonis007

    Looks like a great show!

  • Chris

    @ForgiveThemForTheyKnowNotWhatTheyDo and yet gay people are still being born out of this stronger species… obviously you have it the other way round… it is the homosexuals that are the stronger species… strong species produces stronger offspring to ensure survival… and as you have pointed out since gays and lesbians could not produce, then we have come from straight couples… point is we are the result of evolution

    We should be allowed to adopt because we can teach the future generations something like its ok to show your emotions and no one will call you gay or weak or that its ok to express yourself and just be yourself. Homosexuals have very fluid sexuality… we are not limited by the norms of the society… gay men can show emotion (like crying) and at the same time be tough (we cried when we were bullied but we survived, we learned to cope) unlike how straight views tears and crying as something only women can do and is a sign of weakness (emotionally suppressed men tends to turn towards alcohol, drugs or whatever self-destructive behavior) and then die… that is why there are more women than men.

    these agenda are shoved down your throat because we can teach you how to survive… the world is no longer black and white it is now a spectrum full of colors… in this age of technology you no longer have any reason to be ignorant… educate yourself

    so it’s either you adapt or prepare to be extinct…

  • dee-dee

    Do they have a time machine? How do they know how the show is?

  • BlackRockRitual

    The “sanctity of marriage”.
    A thing that used to be about making a woman a contract between and a man and the father of the woman he wants to sleep with. Or in many instances, children, because the backwards fools around much of the time marriage existed, had no problem with child rape.

    Apparently something that used to be rife with child rape is too “sacred” for gay people. Nice. Good to know that consenting, loving, and responsible gay people are below men beating crying children into sexual submission.

  • Mickey

    @Mark: LOL! Love it!

  • Belize


    “How many of you believe in evolution?”

    Oh darling, I would say a lot but I’m sure that such beliefs are often challenged… by the existence of people like you.

    “ok.. now tell me, since evolution is basically the advancement of strongest of the species what is the purpose of same sex relationships when obviously they serve no purpose for advancement.”

    “Homosexual men and women cannot have children on their own so, essentially, being homosexual is a species trying to eliminate itself, right.”

    First of all, homosexual women can get pregnant even if they’re in a relationship with another woman. Idiot. Or are you one of those people who believe that babies come from storks who only send kids to those who are married?

    Also, I’m pretty sure we live in a time and place when we need more children, given that imbeciles like you who can’t even use a question mark properly, breed in between your temp jobs.

    “So why should the weaker part of the species be allowed to adopt children.”

    Yeah. Why would we let morons LIKE YOU be allowed to adopt children? We’ll take those kids and give them good lives. You can have your trailer park.

    “and additionally, why is the homosexual agenda being shoved down our throats when only 4% of the population is considered gay.”

    So, basically, you are worried that the other 96 percent of the population wouldn’t be able to breed? LOL. You must be ONE hell of a virgin to say such a thing.

    “Why isn’t their an agenda for Asian Americans, there are 12% in the US.”

    There is. Perhaps if you would watch anything but Fox News and if you can find it in you to step out of the rock you live under, you would know that.

    Next please.

  • Bambinoitaliano

    One Million moms should start facing the reality and ask why their husbands are fucking someone else.

  • B

    Re No. 1 · Analog wrote, “They’re not 1 million moms, they’re just a few hundred nutters.”

    They are extrapolating – they are just smart enough to realize that they are dumb enough to have trouble figuring out how to sign up to join the organization, and are including the nuts who failed to sign up in the organization’s name.

  • Dionte

    Can’t wait to see this show, will be the first I have watched in a while.

  • Chuck

    Haaa. I love Justin Bartha.

  • Chuck

    Btw, as an evolutionary anthropologist, this whole conversation about homosexuals being part of a stronger or weaker species is making me cringe. We need to have better evolutionary education in our public schools if this is the main conceptualism of evolution. >_<

    And about OMM, are they even doing ANYTHING about the whole Kardashian and bad reality TV debacles out there? They should focus on that because that's what's REALLY killing America.

  • $0.02

    1) @ForgiveThemForTheyKnowNotWhatTheyDo, having studied evolution as a biologist, I could beat you over the head with scientific fact, but that would get me nowhere. I will say though same sex procreation currently has not manifested itself, that does not mean it cannot or will not. The genetically strong survive and as someone already pointed out, WE, the LGBT community, gays lesbians and bisexuals are very strong. We adapt to our environments and survive. Both genetically, anatomically, emotionally, etc. We are not a separate species, WE CAME FROM STRAIGHT PEOPLE! Their genes were passed to us and ours can, and sometimes do get passed along to other offspring. It will very well become possible for same sex procreation to exist. If you all could get it right with your own kids, which you cannot, there would be no need for Gays and Lesbians to adopt children into loving, stable happy homes. Please, don’t be so mad we are doing that job better than a lot of you. Keep throwing that “you can’t re-produce” BS out. We will start reproducing on your ass just to piss you off, wait and see.

    2) Who’s shoving what down your throat?? Honey you clicked on a website titled QUEERTY! wrote your nonsensical rant when no one asked you to. Was a gun put to your head forcing you to click on this site, read the article and comment? A show is being produced about a successful, secure monogamous gay couple starting a family. Who is forcing you to watch it? Do you not know how a remote control works? Would you like a lesson in how one works? Shall I illustrate a picture for you? Allow me to pull up a chair for you to have a seat…

    3) And finally to a couple thousand mom’s, I saw your husbands at the club last weekend…

  • Gus

    I’m a grown man and I’ll watch whatever I want. This ignorant OMM group needs to pick up their t.v. remotes and turn off theirs.

  • testintg

    How is this show going to have more than one season if the plot is about a surrogate? Will they have one kid a season?

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