Another week, another fatwa from “One Million Moms.”

This time, the object of their ire is not that JCPenney hired an openly gay spokesperson like Ellen DeGeneres nor that Macy’s is featuring grooms on wedding cakes, but rather that Toys ‘R Us is selling the Archie comic book featuring a “Just Married” gay couple.

One Million Moms’ claim this time isn’t exactly as hateful as their boycott of JCPenney/Ellen (they’re learning!), but it’s still highly misguided. Basically, they claim that moms don’t want to have conversations with their kids about sexual orientation when they’re too young.

These comic books are sold at the front checkout counters so they are highly visible to employees, managers, customers and children. Unfortunately, children are now being exposed to same-sex marriage in a toy store. This is the last place a parent would expect to be confronted with questions from their children on topics that are too complicated for them to understand. Issues of this nature are being introduced too early and too soon, which is becoming extremely common and unnecessary.

A trip to the toy store turns into a premature discussion on sexual orientation and is completely uncalled for. Toys ‘R’ Us should be more responsible in the products they carry.

You gotta talk about it sometime, though, right? Might as well be in the Transformers aisle.

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