Ousted Nutbag ADA Andrew Shirvell Suing Lawyer Of Victim Chris Armstrong

We all knew Andrew Shirvell (below) had more than one screw loose when he targeted gay University of Michigan student-government president Chris Armstrong for a campaign of online abuse. Eventually his bosses in the Michigan’s District Attorney’s office fired his crazy ass and Armstrong sued him for stalking, invasion of privacy and other civil offenses. But now he’s suing Armstrong’s lawyer, Deborah Gordon, accusing her of defamation and claiming she fed information to the attorney general’s office that lead to his dismissal.

Shirvell, who filed his suit on Friday and is seeking more than $75,000 in damages, announced in a press statement:

“I have uncovered a significant amount of information during the past year that shows that Deborah Gordon has deliberately set out to destroy me by any means necessary. It is particularly shocking that an attorney like Deborah Gordon, who has made a career out of championing wrongfully terminated employees, would so viciously and maliciously interfere with my employment in order to ensure that I was terminated from my job. Ms. Gordon needs to be held accountable for her course of conduct against me, which I find beyond reprehensible. No other member of the State Bar of Michigan would ever put up with what I have put up with from Ms. Gordon over the past year. I look forward to holding Deborah Gordon accountable for her atrocious actions and libelous statements.”

Shirvell already tried, unsuccessfully, to get much of Armstrong’s case dismissed on First Amendment grounds. So this appears to be another desperate attempt to get off the hook. It’s hardly Shirvell’s first time at the nutjob rodeo—apparently he’s flipped out against perceived enemies before.

Gordon isn’t having any of this nonsense: On Monday, she told the Detroit Free Press that “Shirvell has a history of trying desperately to smear people, so this is no surprise—his complaint is absurd and without any factual or legal basis.”

Nail his ass to the wall, girlfriend. Um, in the legal sense, of course.

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  • hf2hvit


  • divkid

    oh noes teh dramaz! looves em’ don’t she just.

  • JoeyB

    He looks like a walking bowel movement.

  • tallskin2

    By the sacred piles on Jesus’ holy Arse, this boy’s middle name is D-E-M-E-N-T-E-D

  • Cam

    “”accusing her of defamation and claiming she fed information to the attorney general’s office that lead to his dismissal.””


    Sorry princess, but if the information given to them was TRUE, and it apparently was since they fired you for it…then it isn’t defamation.

    You would think as an attorney he would know that. But apparently he was a very very stupid attorney and was only hired because he shared a church and some fundraising with the governor.

  • ewe

    Very telling. He attempts to destroy one and then says others are out to destroy him. NARCISSIST.

  • doug105

    So how is NOM or AFA not picking up this fine future employee?

  • CPT_Doom

    @Cam – but you don’t understand. If you follow some guy around you’ve never met and constantly try to ruin his life, that isn’t harassment, like the lawyer claimed, it’s just keeping tabs on the number one enemy of society.

  • Lucifer Arnold

    A closet case queer. lol

  • Cam

    @Little Kiwi:

    Wow, that guy was a freak!

  • Patsy Stoned

    This freak is still at it? He should have been locked away in an asylum years ago.

  • abiyramanado

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