OUT ON DVD: What Happens Next, Project Nim, 3, And More!

Europe is getting blitzed by record snow, but North America is getting blanketed by a veritable cornucopia of gay and gay-friendly DVDs. Either way, its a good reason to stay inside! This week’s offerings include the solid gay rom-com What Happens Next (above), the complex European entanglements of 3 and another homoerotic vampire flick from David DeCoteau Warm up some cocoa and read on! FIRST: Can a May-December romance work in the gay world?
What Happens Next ($24.99 DVD, Wolfe Releasing) When rich middle-aged bachelor Paul (soap veteran Jon Lindstrom) retires, his sister (Wendie Malick) makes every effort to set him up with a wife. But is that what he really wants? Enter Andy (Chris Murrah), a younger gay man Paul meets while walking his dog. What happens next? Is it love, lust or just friendship? This effervescent romantic comedy was, quite deservedly, very well received on the gay film fest circuit. The DVD includes extended and bonus scenes. NEXT: Is three company after all?
3 ($27.99 DVD, Strand) German director Tom Twyker, known for action flicks and dark thrillers like Perfume and Run Lola Run, gives screwball comedies a go. In the film, Berlin couple Hanna and Simon are fast approaching their 20th anniversary when bisexual Adam enters their lives—and their bedroom. Frankly, it’s hardly the kinkiest thing we’ve heard our German friends get up to, but it’s a crisp, smart and sensual take on the same old love triangle. NEXT:
Project Nim ($19.99 DVD, Lionsgate) In the 1970s, a chimp named Nim was yanked from his mother and raised as if a human child (he was taught sign language to communicate). But once Nim was no longer cute and cuddly, he was tossed aside. His tragic tale is recounted in this gripping documentary, which explores everything from Nim’s pastimes—pot smoking, humping cats, and biting people—to the lone human devoted to his cause. Great extras including an interview with Nim’s human advocate, Bob, and a behind-the-scenes look at how episodes from Nim’s life were re-created with an actor in a monkey suit. NEXT: The Vampire Diaries is Downton Abbey compared to Boy Crazies
1313: Boy Crazies ($19.99 DVD, RapidHeart) Rascally David DeCoteau’s cult films are ridiculous, but they must draw the eye of casting agents since they’ve launched the careers of several notable hotties (Riley Smith, Sean Faris, Cory Monteith). His latest effort, the bloodsucking flick Boy Crazies, makes Twilight seem Oscar-worthy. But you’re not watching a DeCoctuea film for the subtext and cinematography, right? Here, twinkish Trent, an aspiring model, thinks he’s gotten his big break in L.A. but has really become the latest morsel for a band of vampires and their cougar queen, Shelia.  Will Trent break the seductive spell of Shelia and her mannequins of the night? Do you really care? NEXT: Harold and Kumar are back—in 3D!

A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas
($44.95 3D BluRay, $35.99 BluRay, New Line Home Video)

Six years after their Guantanemo Bay escapade, the boys are estranged and celebrating the holidays separately. But when Kumar drops by unexpectedly and burns down Harold’s father-in-law’s Christmas tree, it sets off a series of—well, honestly, we wouldn’t even have bothered mentioning this trifle except that it’s got Neil Patrick Harris reprising his role as a bizarro version of himself. That boy can do no wrong. We love you, NPH! (call us!)



Anonymous (Sony Pictures Home Entertainment)

La Jetee/Sans Soleil (Criterion Collection)

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part I  (Summit Distribution)

A Warrior’s Heart (Warner Bros)

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  • Empyrean

    Why do people keep giving DeCoteau money for “movies”? His films are atrocious! I’m all for eye candy in movies, but a good(not necessarily great)script, and actors that can, I don’t know ACT, are a necessity.

    Every single film he puts out is utter rubbish.

  • Joseph

    1313: boy crazies. who could buy that!!!! HAHAHA

  • David Ehrenstein

    Get “La Jetee” and “Sans Soleil” instead. They’re not gay. They’re just works of pure cinematic genius.

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