new york subwayNew York blogger Rafi D’Angelo recently overheard a conversation on the subway between two “construction- worker types” who discovered they had something in common.

“I’ve been doing this for about six months now, trying to catch interesting things on the subway,” posted D’Angelo. “But I haven’t had any luck so far because I ride boring trains. Today was good, though.”

Guy #1: “My wife wants me to get fixed like a dog but I don’t see why she can’t just keep taking the pill.”
Guy #2:  No more kids for you two?
Guy #1:  No, she figures we’re both getting too old for a baby.
Guy #2:  How is your boy anyway?  Haven’t seen him in awhile.
Guy #1:  Oh John’s good, pitching this year varsity.
Guy #2:  He’ll definitely have the girls hanging around him now.
Guy #1:  Yeah if he had any time for them.
Guy #2:  Focused on baseball?
Guy #1:  Focused on boys.
Guy #2:  You’re shittin’ me!
Guy #1:  I kid you not.  Came out to me and Mary Ann bold as daylight last year.
Guy #2:  Well I’ll be damned!  I’m not supposed to know it but I overheard Patrick Jr. tell his sister he might be gay not two months ago.
Guy #1:  We all saw that coming though.
Guy #2:  You’re the second person to say that. How’d everybody see it but me?
Guy #1:  It was just a feeling, Pat.  He was always a little soft, ya know?
Guy #2:  I guess you’re right. But damn Charlie, we both have gay kids. What do we do now?  Both our sons are gay.
Guy #1:  We don’t do anything.  We let em be gay and if some kid calls ’em a faggot we go to their house and raise hell with the parents like normal.
Guy #2:  Well I guess John and Lucinda won’t be getting together like we thought awhile ago.
Guy #1:  Guess not.
**long pause**
Guy #2:  Hey Charlie, you thinkin’ what I’m thinkin’?
Guy #1:  I was for about half-a-second then it got weird and I started thinkin’ about somethin’ else instead.

The future is here, folks.


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