Cameron Bess will carry the pansexual flag to space
Cameron Bess (Photo: GMA/Twitter)

Another Blue Origin flight takes place this weekend. This flight will be notable for carrying the first parent-child duo to the edge of space: South Florida’s Lane Bess and Cameron Bess.

Father Lane is is the principal and founder of Bess Ventures and Advisory. His child, Cameron, is a pansexual content creator who streams himself on Twitch. A proud furry, Cameron often streams in their trademark blue and purple catsuit under the moniker @MeepsKitten.

The furry fandom subculture is embraced by those who often enjoy dressing up as animals: often anime-type characters with human personalities and characteristics. Many approach it in a similar fashion to cosplay: a means to explore a different facet of their personality or to engage with other furries, either online, through art or real life.

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Cameron uses ‘he/she/they’ pronouns. They told Xtra going to space was a long-held dream for them and their father.

“[Dad] grew up launching model rockets, and when I was a kid, he would do the same with me,” they said. “When he was offered the opportunity to fulfill that dream with Blue Origin, he decided he wanted to bring me along. So in simple terms: I have a really great dad.”

Cameron said they weren’t able to take their catsuit to space as passengers are restricted in how much they can carry. However, they will be carrying a furry paw plus the pansexual flag.

​​“I know many people have told me it means a lot to see a pansexuality Pride flag in space. I’m just happy to provide visibility.”

Cameron Bess
Cameron Bess (Photo: Blue Origin)

This week coincidentally happens to be Pan Pride Week.

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Lane and Cameron talked about their excitement at joining the Blue Origin flight together on GMA yesterday. Watch from the 4.45 mark below.

Lane Bess says, “I’m very proud to be able to do this with my son. It was a boyhood dream of mine. Cameron and I used to shoot model rockets when he was young, and to be able to do this for real, and to do it together, you can’t ask for more.”

“I’m just glad he brought me along,” added Cameron, jokingly.

Cameron also made a YouTube video in which he reflects upon his journey into space and being a member of the diverse pansexual and furry communities.

Blue Origin has also acknowledged Bess’s plan to take the pansexual flag on the flight.

Blue Origin is the space tourism company founded by Amazon’s Jeff Bezos.

Lane and Cameron will be among the six passengers on Blue Origins New Shepard craft. It’s the third such space tourism trip.

The other four passengers will be Good Morning America co-anchor and former New York Giants star Michael Strahan and Laura Shepard Churchley, the daughter of Alan Shepard, the first American to fly to space. New Shepard was named after her father.

Also on board will space industry executive and philanthropist Dylan Taylor and investor Evan Dick.

The Blue Origin flight was originally scheduled for today but has been pushed back to Saturday because of high winds around the Texas launch site this morning.

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