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People are obsessed with #GaysOverCovid, declaring it the Best New Drama of 2021

An Instagram account called @GaysOverCovid has been publicly exposing gay men who’ve been brazenly defying the advice of public health officials during the pandemic.

The account, which first appeared last summer, ramped up its efforts over the holidays, posting photos from superspreader Christmas parties, New Year’s Eve circuit events, and images and videos from that gay cruise that just sunk off the coast of Mexico.

Over the weekend, an angry member of the #GaysOverCovid crowd took to Facebook to offer $500 to whoever could identify the person running the account and ruining their fun.

“We are offering a $500 incentive for anyone who can help us identify the mastermind behind IG @GaysOverCovid,” the person announced. “Let it be known that we are coming for them.”

So far, whoever is responsible for the account has not come forward or been outed, but they have accumulated over 91,000 followers and counting.

Here’s what Twitter’s been saying about the whole thing…

Now, how about some memes?

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