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  • Frank

    A 3-ways with them….pure heaven

  • christopher di crapito

    And Ben Cohen once said he wasn’t into gay rights. I’m not buying any of this! Some people would do anything to stay relevant.

  • The Real Mike in Asheville

    @christopher di crapito: That’s right Christopher, whine and complain about our friends and allies.

    I, for one, applaud Cohen’s outstanding efforts raising awareness and combating bullying — that is what his cause is, and he applies anti-bullying to all including gay kids. What a beautiful tribute Cohen has been championing in the memory of his father, who was killed when he intervened against a bully.

  • Ron Jackson

    ohhh! I want me some Prince! Cohen…meeh.

  • HM

    Harry’s mum would be very proud. She gave them both empathy and caring.

  • J Stratford

    now if only that shirt was out of the way….

  • Dave

    *Yawn* Ben Cohen is a media whore and does not care about LGBT rights or anything like that, he just wants to make money off of LGBT people and our issues!

  • Sohobod

    @ Dave *Yawn* Ben Cohen’s father was killed protecting someone. Ben C gets a ‘get out of jail card’ when his motives are being questioned regarding him helping people who are being bullied.


    Um…yeah. So we’re just going to forget about Harry dressing up in a Nazi uniform then?

  • Rockery

    Ben is looking good – what happened to Harry?? Remember when he used to be cute?

  • Oh, ok

    @christopher di crapito: Thank you! It’s hilarious how many gay men fawn over this douche when he’s obviously just using us to stay in the limelight.

    He always has something to say for an interview or some photo op to promote himself. He’s nothing more than a media whore.

    He’s every bit as pathetic as Kathrine Heigl.

    @NYGMATGM: He’s a redhead so he’s pretty forgettable to most in the first place.

  • Superman

    Ben Cohen on one side. Christopher di Crapito and similar-minded ilk on the other. Me on top of Ben Cohen. Large boulder on top of Chris, et al. Mmmkay?

  • Neil

    @Oh, ok: There are so many better and easier ways to stay in the limelight, and I can’t for the life of me get why you think their motives are inauthentic. And, anyway, Harry doesn’t need a scheme or PR stunt to stay popular or relevant — he’ll be under media scrutiny for the rest of his life.

    If these two celebrity dudes have found a common cause that perhaps also doubles as “good PR” for them, well then they (or their handlers/advisers) have very good instincts, because speaking out against bullying, an issue that is intrinsically linked to LGBT people, is still a risky move — especially for someone like Harry who is a member of the royal family, meaning his actions have consequences for England and their diplomatic relationship to other countries worldwide, including those nations that execute homosexuals as a matter of law.

    This is a brilliant move on their part. Positive. Direct. Undeniable. Subversive.

  • nineinchnail

    @Dave: You are entitled to your opinion but if you see this as Ben Cohen being a media whore then you quite obviously are a self hating fag. The fact that Ben spends countless time away from his family and kids promoting his cause is lost on you. Love the fact that Prince Harry got in on Ben’s cause. Diana would be so proud of him. I just wish they would move that shirt.

  • Alan brickman

    He’s a media whore and very average looking….

  • Alan brickman

    It’s not like he’s doing this for free you know….

  • J

    Has Harry always been gay friendly? He has done some bullying before.He should stay the fuck out of this.

    We gays seem to love being shitted on.

  • Oh, ok

    @Neil: Are you serious? No one here even knew who Ben Cohen was before he started doing this. This is literally the only reason we know his name in America.

    Dan Savage got his own TV show by doing this. Kathrine Heigl got a movie career by doing this.

    Gullible saps like you are the reason they get famous by using us to further their own careers and gain stardom. You never even seem to notice they forget all about you as soon as they get where they want to be.

    Wake up.

  • Sohobod

    Prince Harry is only famous because he’s holding that T-shirt with Ben Cohen. What a ‘publicity whore.’
    And Ben was so pleased that his father got killed because it gave him an excuse to get famous with gays in the US.
    It must be great on planet ‘Cynical.’

  • Oh, ok

    @Sohobod: Better than poorly attempting to white knight an obvious fame whore.

    I bet you waste your time defending Kim Kardashian too.

  • hello?!

    No matter where/why/how someone comments on gay rights, bullying, samesex marriage or whatever, motives are always questioned and the commenters character is scrutinized for flaws. Bitching and moaning about other peoples presumed ulterior motives and potential lack of moral fibre is no way to make progress…

  • Oh, ok

    Progress doesn’t come from celebrity endorsements.

    Civil Rights weren’t won by getting Hollywood involved.

    If you’re waiting for celebrities and the faceless media to save you then you’re already screwed.

  • Sohobod

    No one is talking about waiting for celebrities to save them, but it doesn’t hurt, does it, if people in the public’s eye want to help? It was like Princess Diana holding the hand of a dying AIDS patient at the height of the hysteria against the disease – it didn’t single-handedly change perceptions over night, but it helped change them. That’s all.

  • Neil

    @Sohobod: Thank you. This says it all, and I think sheds some light onto why Harry would get involved in the first place: his mother left a legacy of a royal, a celebrity, showing compassion for those less fortunate, even when it might rub against the grain, or is out of step with how close those in “proper” society want to actually get to the causes and charities they support from afar, usually from the safety of a ballroom.

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