PHOTO: Sugar-Baby Bridge Author Brett Edward Stout Will Give You The Shirt Off His Back

The publishing world has hit hard times. So hard, apparently, that Brett Edward Stout, author of Sugar-Baby Bridge can’t afford shirts anymore.

But seriously, Stout, a former linguist with the Marines and creator of the Gay Marines Facebook page, tells Queerty he realized the best way to get the word out about the book was “to pander a little and post a shirtless picture. ” And hey, it worked. (What? Men are just more visually oriented is all.)

Below a sadly shirted Stout talks a little about Sugar-Baby Bridge and invites questions.


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  • erasure25

    Sold! Lol.

  • Jay

    *Yawn* yet again queerty self promotes a wannabe author with a shirtless pic.

  • dvlaries

    This is exactly the kind of fellow -as many of them can be found- that would perk up the Morning Goods feature. The body is readily desirable, if not perfect, and the smile is totally disarming. Sugar baby indeed. :)

  • NateB79

    He’s just beautiful.

  • loafersguy

    I would love to read that book from cover to cover.

  • Rick Rosio

    You sir make me proud to be a gay man .
    I wish I was 35 again so I could invite you to dinner ..
    Simply stunning,
    ( thanks for letting me babble about your torso:)

  • Midlife crisis


  • DouggSeven

    He could lose the beard – it ages him and slightly goes into bear territory. A little metro scruff is cool, but full on facial hair is just gross.

  • jj

    @DouggSeven: Gross? There’s nothing gross about this guy at all, you superficial jerk. Maybe he’s not to your perfect specifications– but guess what? no one cares what your preferences are and the rest of the world doesn’t need to conform to your limited tastes.

  • JD

    @DouggSeven: Dougie, I’m afraid you are in a very small minority who share that opinion. The fact that you actually used the term metro scruff and the word gross tells me you’re an early 20 something gay boy who thinks he knows it all. You’ll figure it out though, when you grow up and man up. Not one thing wrong with Brett – you’d be lucky to find a man this hot!

  • tom

    Very nice. A real man with a real body, not some plucked and waxed anorexic with a spray on tan.

  • Jordan

    LOL I wouldn’t call what he has on his face to be facial hair or even a beard, it’s more like “Metro scruff” that Doug7 wrote about.

    This guy comes off as a total muscle queen to me. I have dated muscle queens and they’re very high maintenance. Many of them also get very muscular bodies since they want to compensate for having tiny meat.

  • Jose Rodriguez

    For all you haters, I say your jerk comments say a lot more about you than the writer. To the writer, good job for sitting down and and accomplishing something and for figuring out a way to get it read. Good luck.

  • Daez

    @Jordan: Did you see his abs? The guy is definitely not a muscle queen. Did you miss the part where he is ex-military? The military drills the need to care for your body into people.

    He is hot but approachable. Also, the facial hair looks great on him, and bears have more fun, more sex and less attitude. All good things in a potential partner.

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