PHOTOS: Derm Appointment

kevinmcdermott2 GRATUITOUS SKIN — We’ve had the previous pleasure of scoping what celebrated New York photographer Kevin McDermott gets to see not once but twice. So what else is there to see from a guy who’s work got snapped up by DNA, Blue, Genre, and Flaunt?

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  • Scott

    Finally some real men here….I´ll have two slices of number 6

  • richardmirwin

    What! someone over 25?? WTF???? He sure can make my banana cream (pie).

  • .topher

    @Scott: Amen! I’ll take #13 with a side of #9.

  • AlanInSLC

    If this spread of pics doesn’t please just about everyone, then those who it doesn’t are obviously visiting the wrong site and must be straight. Love the variety here. More like this please!

  • hardmannyc

    #6 is a great example of an older man who can hold his own with any 20something. More, please!

  • James P. P.

    @hardmannyc: HAHAHAHAHA! what a very funny world you live in.

  • Scott

    Sometimes a a 40 yr old is much better than two 20yr old…

  • Ricky

    #6 gets my vote…

    Looks like a more approachable Colton Ford.

    Where is my privacy when I need it?

  • HayYall

    @James P. P.:

    If you look a quarter that good when you’re his age I’ll still punch you in the face for being a stupid PoS.

  • Ricky

    @HayYall: Agreed. Dont h8 cause your overw8!

  • Bitch, please!

    Ouch! The heat was too much!

  • Ralph

    To all the 20something year old queens…don´t forget someday you´ll get to be 40, 50 and even 60..of course unless you commit suicide or die of an overdose

  • Vince

    I´ll take #6 over any 20something year old sissy queen…

  • Mike Barton

    Somebody is going to be in big trouble! I mean, some of these guys are past puberty and somebody forgot to wax them before taking pictures!

    Seriously, though, hot shots!

  • hardmannyc

    @HayYall: Please. I really doubt if the douchebag looks a quarter that good at HIS age.

  • mark

    Beautiful portfolio

  • timncguy

    @Mike Barton: yep, I was wondering how the three with hair made it by the censors. LOL

    They got me all excited with the pic on the home page being of number 6. I was hoping I was going to get to see MANY pics of him. But, will take what I can get here I guess.

  • rcloy

    Love #6 and #13~
    check out #13 site

  • corey

    check out the photog’s website for a naked full frontal pic of number 6.

  • Myles

    MORE NUMBER 6!!!!

  • Vince

    Pure Angus lean beef…

  • allancsn

    pic 13 hairy young man with tan line dreamy. Pic 6 is why you’ve gotta keep going to the gym and drink your two litres of water a day boys.

  • Andrew

    I’d hit #6 for damn sure! Hotness! Then again, it probably would be more like him hittin’ me. :o!

  • shelby84

    #1, #6 and and #13!!!! Hells yeah!!!!

  • Phil...

    I´ll take #6 over any 20-something year old boy….

  • Frank

    I’ll have a double helping of #6…

  • TANK

    six is a bit of an anomaly for his presumed age. Then again, it depends on the 20 something year old…

  • Mike

    I’ll have double portion of #6 with lots of gravy ….

  • DJ

    Say… is #6 Anderson Cooper? We BOTH wish! HOT HOT HOT!!!

  • tavdy79

    #6 needs some serious attention with my tongue

  • Lucky Luke

    Well, there are 2 mores pics of number ¨6 on the site, his name is Stephen.. now I need to know where to get a ton more of pics.

  • timncguy

    @TANK: are you kidding? The 20 something “models” on this are are anomalies as well. What percentage of the population do you think looks anything like ANY of the models pictured here no matter what their age?

  • TANK


    Six is more of an anomaly than the younger models. You can’t honestly suggest otherwise. That is obviously the result of more genes than effort. Men start to decline relatively quickly after 35 (especially their faces), with a few men who find older men (I think it’s creepy for many reasons, actually) “hot”. That’s why it’s so startling to encounter a man in his forties or above who’s worth a second glance…or, on very few occasions, commands one’s attention in the looks department.

  • Mike

    @TANK: Get over yourself…eventually you´ll get to be 60 (that is if you don´t die after an overdose of crystal meth or commit suicide)…how old are you anyway?…around 12 or 13?

  • Peter

    @Mike: I think TANK must be 25 chronologically speaking…mentally he must be around 9 0r 8….I´ll have #6 with a green salad and a glass of red wine…

  • Peter

    @DJ: Please don’t name Anderson Cooper that I lose my erection…not really into guys who look like a transexual from anoter galaxy

  • Fred

    @Vince: Reare for me, please….

  • hardmannyc

    @TANK: “That is obviously the result of more genes than effort.”

    Um … wrong.

  • TANK

    No, not wrong. TOtally right. I’m not saying that a lot of effort didn’t go into that body, but it’s definitely a product of genetics. (Maybe it’s surgery and steroids, though…huh? I was being polite by saying he’s got good genes.) Even buff forty five year old men have old man faces and they’re losing hair, too… for the most part (however, as I said, there is that every blue moon old man who looks stunning)…and buff in your forties and fifties it doesn’t look good for the vast majority of men…it looks like an old man would look with musculature and a bit of definition…saggy flesh that’s lost its elasticity…sloppy. I am a huge proponnent of plastic surgery.

    No offense intended to you personally, though. This is just the truth.

  • TANK


    Calm yourself, old timer. Don’t take it so personally…no one wants to get old. This isn’t about me, and I’m no one to talk, really. I’m 28, but I’m like benjamin button with a twist. I was born with the body of an eighty year old man, it’s been getting older ever since. But that has nothing to do with saying that old men, for the most part, look old…and that it does nothing for me…not that that matters, but this thread is about what men do for ya to some extent, pops.

  • hardmannyc

    @TANK: If you think #6 is what someone on steroids looks like, you’re even more clueless than I thought. This guy probably works out very regularly, cross trains, does vitamin supplements and eats very well.

  • TANK


    Listen, chump, so do legions of other middle aged and older men…and they don’t achieve those results. Not genes, huh? Get lost, lightweight.

  • strumpetwindsock


    People who can’t handle normal maturity don’t to want age. Most who are comfortable with it don’t feel old at all (not that I would know anything about that yet, I’m only 47).

    And some guys have male pattern baldness in their early 20s, That’s got more to do with testosterone than age.

    Frankly I can’t think of much more pathetic than an older person desperately trying to recapture something they probably never had, by acting and dressing like a kid, or paying to get mutilated when what they really need is a therapist.

    Don’t believe me?

  • timncguy

    @TANK: just off the top of my head I can think of a few examples of men over 40 who should command a second look.

    Brad Pitt is 45

    Tony Horton, fitness trainer, is 50

    Do you think they have wrinkly old looking unelastic skin and craggy faces?

  • timncguy


    Gerard Butler, from the movie 300 will be 40 this year. Is he worth a second look for you?

    YES, it’s genes. It’s genes no matter what AGE you are. There are plenty of men in their 20s who could eat right and exercise their asses off and NEVER look like any of these models including #6.

  • Kyle

    Tank, I just turned 40 this year. Most people mistake me for being much younger. I have neveve done steroids. I work out 4 to 5 times a week weight training and cardio. I’m in the best shape of my life and turn more heads than I did when I was 20. I’m not a sun worshipper so I don’t have any wrinkles. I had dinner a few weeks ago with a 22 year old friend who commented that he has more lines on his face than I do. I drink an occasional alcoholic beverage and I get at least 8 hours of sleep a night. If you take care of yourself and treat your body with respect you certainly can look like number 6 when you are 45.

    As for the 20 somethings in this spread there are definitely more late 30 something and 40 somethign gay guys with hot bods than 20 somethings. The younger generation seems to aspire to be rail thin and not overly built. The guys who came of age in the 90s seem to be more about muscle beauty. The younger set not so much.

  • strumpetwindsock


    If you are talking about bone structure, ethnicity and whether someone is an endomorph, mesoporph or ectomorph, that is genetic.

    But for most people genetics isn’t the biggest factor in health or how we age.

    Actually I think it is more health, diet and outlook.
    There isn’t much that age a person better than excessive smoking, drinking and depression.

    You should check out some of Hans Selye’s research (he coined the term Stress). He developed a simple series of tests (including not just heart rate, but skin elasticity and retinal response) that produced an “actual body age” – as in a 60-year-old in a 20-year-old’s body or vice versa.

    Not only that, the test indicated how QUICKLY one was aging (or growing “younger” as one adopted a more healthy lifestyle).

  • Albert

    I bet #6 is way hotter than TANK….

  • TANK


    Ha ha, that goes without saying.

  • TANK


    I’m not saying that aging is bad, or that ALL men over thirty-five are ugly or unattrative; I just find them, on average, unattractive (my opinion), and that’s never going to change…and it hasn’t for a lot of gay men who are well older than I, too, it’s been my experience. I’m not a lone voice here. And the implicit label of “shallow” is a transparent defense mechanism that is more in the service of vanity than accuracy. But don’t lose your vanity or else you’ll lose your will to live…LOL! Where do you gals get this? I’m saying that on avarage, most men over 35 look their age. There’s nothing wrong with this. They just do. Men don’t age all that well beyond that mark on a purely aesthetic scale (not sexual…difference which many can’t appreciate). Of course there are exceptions to the rule; that’s why it’s a rule and not a natural law. You can confirm this anywhere you go.

    Yes, there’s a problem with ageism in the gay community (in the straight community, too)…it’s just a lot more pronounced amongst queers for boring reasons. I assume that’s where this vitriol is coming from. But let’s not kid ourselves into thinking that getting old is a blessing. Physically, you’re falling apart; you’re closer to death. For me, (and this is only my opinion, of course,) being around older men in the context of “sexuality” reminds of my own mortality, and that’s just not a welcome feeling. I recommend the first book of the republic, if you want “comfort”.

    That being said, “I” (we gay men use that pronoun a lot, don’t we? ;)) enjoy the conversations I have with older men who aren’t carnivorous and have something to say that is stimulating. Often, they have so much more to say than younger men that’s, sometimes…worth listening to. I don’t have much in common with anyone I’ve ever met who’s also gay, so a conversation cultivated by a lack of appetite, as it were, can be a very good thing.

  • TANK


    Genetics is the biggest factor in how we age, actually. Countless empirical tests have confirmed this, and I’m not going to flood this thread with links to them so google it. While the dye isn’t cast at birth, it just about is. Not to say that one’s habits don’t accelerate age by causing certain genes to be expressed or not, but genetics is the key to long life and good lookin’ bodies.

  • OMG

    More 6 please. I think we’re all in agreement. We need the six. Six is what we want. Six six six six six! Come on now….

  • Albert

    TANK, get over yourself…just as there many guys who are not attracted to older guys there many more who ARE attracted to older guys….#6 is hot, and there are guys older than #6 who are also very attractive…and please, cut that crap about being closer to death as we age, even if at the end we are going to die it doesn’t mean that younger guys are protected from the possibility of dying…so quit all that philosophical and genetic crap…#6 is a gorgeous guy whether you like it or not, whether you can appreciate it or not…if you don’t find him attractive, fine, most of us do.

    I’ll have to portions of #6…take out, please

  • strumpetwindsock

    You mean to say you will consider yourself washed up and unattractive in only eight years?

    For your own good I hope you see through that one. If you see aging as getting old then that’s probably what you’re going to do. Many of us have a different plan.

    I agree that genetics gives you your basic features (the ones that are the same young or old unless you cut them off) and can influence your propensity for disease and longevity.

    But the real marks of beauty – skin and muscle tone, complexion, posture and whether or not you look comfortable in your skin, have little to do with heredity. What is much more important is how you feel about yourself and the world, whether you are active or not, and how many toxins you load into your body.

    Check this out (and it is about something we assume is more hard wired than beauty – life expectancy):

    Particularly in later life the health of our faculties and abilities are dependent on whether we use them or not:

  • hardmannyc

    @TANK: Like Kyle, I’m an older guy who, when I tell people my age, are surprised. I think I look my age; I would just like to think I look good for my age. Yes, I watch what I eat religiously and I work out about 5 1/2/week on average, a lot of cross-training. My brother is near me in age, is overweight and has health problems (and not my bad habits!). So please don’t tell me it’s genetics. It’s hard work, and if it only gets harder as you get older, it also gets more rewarding.

  • hardmannyc

    I should have added that I don’t chase after younger guys, but a lot of them chase after me (and I allow myself to be caught)!

  • TANK


    Yes, they are dependent upon whether we use them or not (Neural pathways will die if they are not properly exercised by constantly challenging the brain to do procedures one is uncomfortable with, and masters).

    But the real marks of beauty – skin and muscle tone, complexion, posture and whether or not you look comfortable in your skin, have little to do with heredity.

    So what you’re saying is that complexion, self confidence and life expectancy have nothing to do with genetics?

    Life expectancy is assuredly determined significantly by genetics (30%), but also the environments which activate them (no adequate healthcare services from childhood on insures that even if you have genes responsible, it is not going to work out). For example:

    “The most striking example comes from Japan. Here, there is a common variant in mitochondrial DNA, a change in a single DNA “letter”. A decade ago Masashi Tanaka, now at the Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Gerontology, and his colleagues reported that this tiny change almost halved the risk of being hospitalised for any age-related disease at all, while doubling the chance of living to 100. Most Japanese centenarians have the variant, but unfortunately for the rest of us it’s very rare outside Japan.”

    That is, one’s personality has nothing to do with genetics? I think you’re in sore need of some understanding here, too. Twins studies document that the IQ’s of identical twins separated at birth and raised in different environments have similar IQ’s to each other and their biological parents. Further, IQ is a good guide to longevity, too (people with high IQ’s tend to live longer). Also, Steven Pinker notes that there are startling personality similarities between identical twins separated at birth in his “the blank slate”.

    As for complexion and musculature, athleticism also has genetic correlates that give people an advantage in developing in their bodies. They have to put effort in, but…not as much as everyone else does to get superior results.

  • TANK


    Case closed! I guess this proves it, after all. Genetics has nothing to do with aging……er, fail.

  • TANK

    How about obesity and genetics? DOes obesity also have nothing to do with genetics? Of course it does, and this impacts life expectancy (re: heart disease). What about cancer or a host of other problems that impact life expectancy? Once again, impacts life expectancy. Of course some people live beyond their life expectancy…they’re statistical anomalies.

  • Albert

    z z z z z z z zz

  • Rick

    Wake me up when my super-sized order of #6 is ready…

  • MTiffany

    @Ralph: Too bad the ones that ought to never do…

  • D.C

    I’m 22 and I’m more into men between 21 and 45. Personally I think Tank’s train of thought is more on track of that “my opinion is based on scientific and ‘correct’ philosophy, so blah” kind of mindset you find in people like Ayn Randroids, people who are strict Darwinians, etc.

    Best to just let them talk themselves in a “logical” frenzy and go about your day. 🙂

    And there are lots of guys out there like #6. And no Tank, I don’t like older men because I want to have a second daddy.

  • 10nessean

    I’m sorry, but does #10 look familiar? Is he an actor or model who has been is something? It’s driving me up the wall…

  • timncguy

    @10nessean: don’t ask Tank. #10 looks like he might be over 30, so Tank wouldn’t know anything about him.

  • 10nessean

    I don’t know who this Tank is, but I think that #10 is either a deadringer for someone or an actual person who has appeared in something that I’ve seen. I realize that it doesn’t really matter — it’s just that it’s like that tune that you get into your head that you keep wondering where you heard it. Wait a minute…what is that?

  • ascarius

    Number 6 is one of the hottest guys I saw ever!

  • Willy

    OMFG…#6 is scorching hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DJ

    MY GOODNESS! Pass me my walker & the Geritol (if you don’t know what Geritol is, I’ve made my point) I’m 57 (the HORROR!) and you young whippersnappers will be in for a RUDE awakening to see yourself age! From the time I was 24 until nearly 50 I went to the gym 5-6 days a week, not a gym bunny but my father dropped dead at 54 & 260lbs. No good genetics there. I had models & actors trying to pick me up (now 30 years with the same man MONOGAMOUS) 4 years ago I developed prostate cancer & gained an enormous amount of weight from the hormone treatments & chronic fatigue from radiation not to mention the herniated disc that has prevented me from working out during that time. But the cancer’s gone, I joined the gym again and slowly I’ll be back. At least my skin has been nearly flawless, still NO wrinkles! (thanks mom) I’ll NEVER be that muscular hunk I was at 30 but it’s good health, NOT a beautiful package that’s the goal today. Waaay too many of you youngsters can’t see beyond your dicks in others, but believe me when YOU get here, your perspective WILL change! Now back to Lawrence Welk.

  • beachstud

    NOthing but hot eye candy! Im sure that there will also be lots of eye candy down at Manhunt’s “Singles’s Week” in Puerto Vallarta! I cannot wait to go!!!

  • KB

    #1 please. daaaaaaayum delicious.

  • Steven

    Hehe. There was something for everyone here, and yet we still manage to argue. 😉

  • Patrick

    Is there any #6 left?

  • S

    I vote for number 6 and -dare- Queerty to give us a dozen more pics of this dude. Now.

  • scottyhouston

    @Scott: Yeah, me too!! #6 is TOTALLY my speed! DAMN!

  • osocubano

    @Ralph: Don’t forget murder. That’s always a possibility.

  • Jayson

    #6 has me panting

  • OH Charlie

    OK guys…..back off of #2 and 4….he is mine…I am all over that…HOT selection of men

  • James P. P.

    uugh… i’m going to get hell for this but oh well.

    is #6 attractive? sure, why not (if you like that sort of thing). is it genetics? 90% yes. but can he compare to the 20 somethings also in this post? no, not by a longshot.

    and he’s not suppose to really. as already mentioned, there is something here for everyone.

    i personally (whether it gets me punched in the face or not by HEYYALL) have great genetics. i love it! i look better now than i did in high school. but as i get older, I’M GETTING OLDER. if we are going to talk SEXUALLY, i’m sorry, but #6 is just too old. he’ll fuck, then after about 30 minutes, an hour at most, he’ll be done – FOR THE NIGHT. #7 on the other hand, has the ability to fuck for several rounds, take a 30 minute nap, and keep on going in the morning. THAT, IS sexually hot…. TO ME.

    Another part of my genetics? i can come twice/three times+ in a row. i like a guy that can keep up. IN GENERAL (statistically speaking only) i find younger guys who take care of themselves able to perform better and longer. there ARE EXCEPTIONS to the rule (so please don’t bitch at me about this), but getting older happens.

    why do you think crystal meth gained so much popularity for so many years? older guys trying to keep up with younger guys and finding it impossible to do so without the help of speed. the amount of “crystal daddies” i saw in Atlanta, Miami and New York was so fucking depressing because so many #6’s were trying to keep up with the #7’s.

    getting old sucks… but you can do it gracefully. #6 is an example of that. very cool. but please don’t try and justify his hotness/sexual ability/whatever and compare it to someone half his age. people who think in those terms are the same idiots that go out and get a blond bimbo, toupee, and red sports car when they turn 50 just to prove to everyone “they’ve still got it”. WELL THEY DON’T. they’re not gonna have it. deal with it, be happy with your life and move on. be happy with your age. be happy with who you are attracted to – HOWEVER OLD THEY ARE.

    as for us, the observers, pick out the guy in the list and comment positively on it and quit trying to make some ageist equality pseudo-political point. it’s annoying and i (as a person getting older) don’t have the fucking time for it…. i just came here for the pretty pictures.

  • DJ

    @James P. P.: You sound like you would ACTUALLY have a chance with any of them! HA HA HA!
    And then she woke up!

  • JD

    @James P. P.:
    Yet you had the time to scroll through the whole conversation and post a medium-sized article on the topic. Your apathy is just palpable.

  • JM

    @James P. P.:
    Lol, sort it out.

  • K.

    #1, What a hottie! I’m there!!!!

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