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  • Joe

    huh? what is this? and who the hell cares????

  • AlanInUtah

    I may be ignorant in some fashion, but who the hell is this person and why is he important?

  • Jack

    Why are his legs grey?

  • timmmeeeyyy

    Wow, Richie Rich is making cocktails? How did you beat CNN to this story?

  • Qjersey

    RR…former NYC night life club kid and part of the Heatherette fashion teams that makes clothes no one would wear and get them booted off Project Runway.

    BTW, the 1980’s called, they’d like you to return Boy George’s eyebrows.

  • princess johnson

    if heatherette has closed, richie rich needs to hitch his star to britney smears and never look back.
    smears has never been associated w/any “fashion house”, and for good reason.
    perhaps he can be her “halston”.

  • sal(the original)

    gosh who poo pood on you queens today?

  • Jane

    I love love love Richie! He’s fantastic.

  • brandon

    haha wow. yall are bitches. first, heatherette does runway fashion and designs for celebs if they want a “custom” one of a kind dress. they have money. and not just a little bit. a SHIT load of money haha.. so what i see when i see a really white boy smiling on the beach is.. hes getting the last laugh. and their runway shows combine transgender, gay, and heavy models into every show they put on. so why are u hating? really?

  • mojojojo

    He has more money than all of you catty cunts!

  • ts

    Have never seen anyone wear his clothes. He looks like a skinny meth queen.

  • Zardoz

    He was quite cute when he was younger

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