PHOTOS: Power Ranger Star Davi Santos Bares All In Indie Bath Scene


It’s Wednesday. Summer is gone. The omnipresent election looms over us like a thick orange fog, and everywhere you turn, there’s pain, suffering and unrest.

Take a breath.

In troubled times, we like to remember that not all is lost. For our friends at OMG have given us the gift of Power Ranger booty, and who in their right mind could argue with that?

Davi Santos played Zack, aka the Gold Ranger, on Power Rangers Dino Charge. We must have just missed that one.


Santos also starred in the short film Densely Hollow, which involves an intimate bath scene with costar Christopher James Lopez. You can find the full 40 minute film on YouTube. It’s worth a view if you’re into the whole low budget, artsy thing, and we mean that as a compliment.

Head here to see the GIFs, and remember to report any and all sightings of Rita Repulsa to your local authorities.